Mass Effect 3 At 8K Resolution Will Make Your PC Weep

What you're looking at here is not an 8K resolution screenshot of Mass Effect 3. It's one-sixteenth of an 8K resolution Mass Effect 3 screenshot.

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ATi_Elite1643d ago

who the HECK has an 8K monitor or TV?

Seriously I hate these stupid 8K articles because NO ONE has an 8K anything.

Ok maybe some art person or architect but no everyday gamer has a 8K Tv or monitor.

F4sterTh4nFTL1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

For my Mass Effect 3 I use ENB series + SweetFX + 4K + Max Quality settings and still my PC laughs it off.

AndrewLB1643d ago

My thoughts exactly. Now if the game actually had proper 8k textures instead of upscaled crap textures, it could possibly make high end PC's weep.

Funny topic though considering how bad the PS4 or Xbone would run if this were attempted on their hardware. 2-5fps max.

Priestwithgun1643d ago

Nice way to market a game,indeed

Milesprowers1643d ago

What's the point when 8K monitors don't exist yet

Hassassin1643d ago

Downsampling. The godfather of AA.
I played all of mass effect 3 on 4k, some moments where truly awesome.

Milesprowers1643d ago

Downsampling is a waste of bandwidth, can't fit 3840x2160 into 1920x1080

TacticAce1643d ago

The resolution doesnt make textures look any better, sooo.

Priestwithgun1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

bbbbbuu but its 8K!!!

All websites tell people that eyes can't tell difference(and which is actually true),yet 4k exists,I can understand 2k,because some ppl are way too close to big screens,but 4k is silly

hay1643d ago

And here I am noticing details in the textures I haven't been able to detect in 720p.

ninjahunter1643d ago

Textures look pretty good to me in 4k, you should see them on a 720p screen, cant even tell if Sheppard's shoulder pads are checkered or not.