Farcry 4 Gameplay Trailer Makes Elephants Justifiably Terrifying

This footage does a good job of showing off the strengths of the game; the open world, the gunplay, the stealth, the freedom. And it also showcases a few gameplay tweaks that add extra options to the player’s arsenal. All in all, it looks like another strong addition to the series, but only because Farcry 3 was so strong itself.

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gamerfan09091613d ago

People don't realize how dangerous animals like Elephants really are. They can seriously kill 70 percent of the animals out there. Another creature that's dangerous that people don't know is dangerous are walruses.

SpiralTear1613d ago

And hippos. They don't just have the ability to kill people: they actually do it.

AndrewLB1613d ago

Hippos are the most dangerous Animal in Africa. They especially like to knock you out of your little boat and then punch your body full of about 50 holes the diameter of a beer can with those big teeth. It's not a pretty sight. Cape Buffalo would be up there near the top as well. Elephant can also be deadly, but the African elephant is far more dangerous than the ones in India/Asia.

stavrami-mk21613d ago

Hippos are dangerous and kill more people than is imaginable. But the Honey badger is my favourite it's just plain evil and has been know to castrate it's Oppenent.pound for pound the Honey badger is toughest animal on the planet

Conzul1613d ago

I want someone to forward these videos to PETA.

Because I'm bored and desire amusement.

Bathyj1613d ago

What about the deadliest of all creatures. The Mosquito.

anthraxCZ1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

You forgot the most brutal animal in the world - a human being.

nklh4x0r1613d ago

Pretty much the worst thing that happened to Earth.

bixxel1613d ago

More dangerous is the animal called "Humans".They shoot fire and explosive stuffs from strange hand-made instruments.And they cover their bodies with colorful things!!!!.

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lets_go_gunners1613d ago

Sucks that the multiplayer stuff are exclusive to playstation I would love to buy this and just open world explore with my friends.

vishmarx1613d ago

nothings exclusive to ps gameplay wise .ps owners get to play the co-op for free if one of their friends has the game

lets_go_gunners1613d ago

That's what I'm saying I want my friends to have them freebies too.

vishmarx1613d ago

no exploration only missions

thinktwice1613d ago

Graphics texture's need abit more work. Enemies look bad and to small
A.I seems blah. Even shooting hardly no destructible environments weapons seem a little over powerful hardly any blood doesn't really feel like you're shooting an enemy you don't have the impact feeling that they're taking hits. needs to be a little more rewarding when killing an enemy I want to be able to feel like I actually pumped bullets into them. no I've pretty much watched all the gameplay footage over and over and this is what I came up with. = needs work ! but the environment and animals everything seems pretty good.

ironfist921613d ago

Well..that was a terrible article.