Eiji Aonuma: “I Don’t Look Back” at Sales Figures When Creating a New Zelda Game

GenGAME writes: During our time at E3, we got the chance to sit down for an interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma (as well as two members of the Hyrule Warriors development team) and pick his brain about a variety of topics, including his quest to ‘rethink the conventions’ of Zelda. Just how significant of a role sales figures play in the Zelda development process?

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NewMonday1641d ago

good for him, Zelda has never been a big seller but still my favorite Nintendo franchise.

randomass1711641d ago

What...? The Zelda series constantly sells in the millions. You're crazy if you believe it's not a big seller.

NewMonday1641d ago

not like Mario or Pokemon

ChickeyCantor1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Zelda does sell, but not as much as Mario. Western folks also seem to be more over the zelda franchise than japanese folks.

It is how it is.

It doesn't sell as much as Nintendo would've liked it to sell. They want Mario figures.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1640d ago


Uh every Nintendo franchise doesn't need to sell like Mario or Pokemon.

EliteGameKnight1641d ago

Compared to Mario or Pokemon, yes it is lower. compared to a lot of 3rd party companies and indies, its a very successful franchise. frankly, if you want to start comparing things to Mario numbers, then every game isn't a big seller

randomass1711641d ago

Apples to oranges. Just because Halo doesn't sell on par to CoD or GTA doesn't negate it from being a big seller. Comparing Zelda to Nintendo's top two money makers is a moot point.

ChickeyCantor1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Eh your comparison does not make sense indeed. Because Halo, CoD and GTA are not made by the same company that want to see certain sale figures for each game.

Fact is Zelda sold over a longer span of time. TP was the only most successful zelda since OOT. And again In japan it's not that big as it is to western people.

It's only a "big seller" over a long time span. Not as an immediate hit.

ww : 2.60m
TP: 8.39m <---- Thats a big seller.

Only zelda game that sold over 7 mil was the OOT. Followed by the original ~ 5mil.

Considering that there are at least ~7 mil users. 1 to 2 million isn't exactly a big seller. No one is disputing that it is making money. But "big seller" is relative to the user base. And Unfortunately Zelda has never performed that well, cept for those 3 times.

voodoochild3461641d ago

Zelda's not a big seller? Cocaine's a helluva drug...

DarKnightDave1641d ago

Lol, I was watching that Rick James episode of Chappelles show earlier.

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1641d ago
bobsmith1641d ago

the first one and n64 ones were the best

Metallox1641d ago

Twilight Princess made perfect the formula of Ocarina of Time, that's why I think that's the most solid package.

Erimgard1641d ago

Twilight Princess was great within the confines of the 'Zelda formula,' but I didn't feel it did enough outside of that to be fresh.