High Quality Images of the New PS4

Check out these high quality images of the new PS4 design, unveiled at E3 2014. Many of us might be considering a trade-in once this pretty looking console hits.

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Metallox1641d ago

That Urban Controller, it's really beautiful. I wasn' fan of DualSock controllers until this one, it's made by God.

Future_20151641d ago

u should look at some gaming keyboards then

Qrphe1641d ago

I had to comment and ask what made you ask this question?

Giul_Xainx1640d ago

I can't wait for this new ps4 to come out. I knew ditching pc and saving up for a ps4 was the best idea.

zeee1640d ago

I am so gonna get the White controller. What's the release date on these?

mrpsychoticstalker1640d ago

God would never make a controller that only lasts 4 hours.

Drithe1640d ago

stalker wins this thread. I was playing the Alpha version of Destiny and 10 minutes later, due to all the light colors changing and vibration, my controller went dead. Lol. Well, it felt like 10 minutes, but the PS4 controller really does lose power fast.

It's best to have an extra controller ready to go when the other one runs out of battery life. I wonder if this was by design to get us to buy more stuff? MMMMMMM???

End of line.

Ozmoses1640d ago Show
spence524901640d ago

I would really like an Olive Drab DS4. The urban one looks terrible.

Metallox1640d ago

I like it! And I don't know why so many people dislike the DualShock 4, I use it for PC games and it's really comfortable, don't have issues with the battery life or sticks.

AiirJordann231641d ago

Cheaper buy a skin but the white is amazing

Clown_Syndr0me1641d ago

Looks awesome, but Ill stick with my black one, everything in entertainment area is black!

ZodTheRipper1641d ago

Same here, I prefer the white one but it just wouldn't fit next to all the black stuff :S
White headset&controller might find their way into my hands though.

metalgod881640d ago

The whole point of the white console is to stand out. And it looks beautiful in doing so.

Skate-AK1640d ago

Everything on my entertainment center is black too but I am thinking of getting the white PS4 because my Vita is white.

RexDD1640d ago

The white PS4 will stand out a lot.. Which is exactly what you want! So I say go for it.

Kidmyst1640d ago

Same here, the bright white would stand out like a sore thumb in my setup, everything is black.

Axecution1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

looks amazing.
I think the touchpad should really be white as well but maybe it looks better in real live c:

Gezmoyassine1641d ago

Why can't they just release their products in different colors from the beginning.Like that people have more options to choose from.I really don't think it's a question of $$$ to make them in different colors.

Codewow1641d ago

It's always about money. The super dedicated gamers will buy both versions of the console just to have it.

BISHOP-BRASIL1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

It's not about making people buy it twice, it's about producing as many different cases (for console and controller) as you want to make colors available being an unnecessary burden on the production process.

Not only you have to set your factories to be able to produce all the different colored cases (and this -edit- ISN'T as simple as buying paint, you need new lines for each color, and each new line will need people, down from factory floor up to certification/testing, basically 2 colors means you need to double the investiment on the line that today only makes one color), also they have to account which colors sell better or worse to set production accordingly, you don't want retailers to stop buying one color, nor you want them asking for only one, because this can mean a whole lot of good getting in the way and needing reassembly...

As you can imagine, although the cost of the console itself barelly changes based on color, this whole mess pushes up the logistics costs considerably. Also, many times, in many different markets, multiple colors for a pletheora of products had been seen as a fault at marketing, it's just not good for estabilishing the product's image (although I'm not sure how far this can be applied to gaming consoles, portables seen to actually benefit from having multiple colors).

That said, I too wish we had more colors to choose from. As of now I'll stick with my black one. I'm not really into white (and most of my furniture is wood or wood-like, white would stand a bit too much), but if they could get us some metal-like finishes (titanium, brushed steel, etc) I would love it. I know I could just use a skin, but I can't even get my phone screen protector in place without a ton of bubbles, I'm not going to ruin my PS4 looks for a different color.

SilentNegotiator1640d ago


It's just convenient that it works out that way. Most people aren't going to buy both AT LAUNCH, and collectors could get sick of waiting for supply to catch up. Waiting both simplifies manufacturing AND allows them to get extra money from collectors/really hardcore double dipping.

wsoutlaw871640d ago

most companies launch in one color for supply reasons.

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