Hands-On Titanfall’s New Update With Respawn Art Lead Joel Emslie

MP1st - "First on my short but busy E3 2014 schedule was an outing with Titanfall‘s latest game update that developer Respawn Entertainment hopes to launch later this month on the Xbox One and PC, and eventually the Xbox 360 as well."

"I sat down with Titanfall Art Lead Joel Emslie to talk about the upgrades and new content the studio is bringing to their sci-fi shooter this month, as well as what’s next for Titanfall."

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Slick811644d ago

That all sounds great nice update

tgunzz1644d ago

Keep it up respawn. I absolutely love playing this game...

DFogz1644d ago

It all sounds good, hope the auto-balance works out this time.

Also, having unique decals for the OG Gooser challenge is nice. I worked hard for that before they changed it.

ghostface91643d ago

New update sounds great cant wait for market for death I can already tell i am going to be playing that alot