Who won E3 2014?

Larry from DJ Podcasts writes "It would be fairly easy to sit here and say who “won” E3, based on personal preferences and the like. One could watch the conferences, see the on the floor gameplay and come to a conclusion. After watching all the footage I can stomach, I have come to the end result that we, the gamers, are the real winners of E3."

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threefootwang1645d ago

Exactly what I believe - all three companies showed off some pretty nice games!

NewMonday1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Great show from everyone, best E3 in years, everyone was about games, winter 2014 is loaded to the brim and 2015 is pure bliss.

lilbroRx1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

That is not not what you have been saying in all of the other articles.

I'd say it was the company that offered the most game variety.

NewMonday1645d ago


I'm actually consistent, overall everyone did great, some did better than others but still all good end of the day.

But if people go on micro analyzing, I can do the same.

slivery1645d ago

Oh the irony, all the comments you made yesterday and now you're saying this.

It was only hours ago, that you were pressing your opinion on everyone as a fact, saying Nintendo had a weak E3 and that they have no games coming this year.

Now everyone had a great show all the sudden to you?

You act like your facts are solid but then you say ignorant things like the only game Nintendo is releasing this year is Hyrule Warriors...

NewMonday - "Sony have DriveClub and LBP3 this year MS have FH2 and SO Nintendo have Hyrule warriors"

I question if you even actually watched E3 besides Sony's side at all or you just listen to what other people say and gather your information that way instead of taking it from the actual source.

If you had, you would know damn well that Hyrule Warriors is not the only Nintendo game releasing in 2014... Nor is Forza Horizon 2 the only game releasing for Xbox One this year.

randomass1711644d ago

@NewMonday If you're saying Nintendo had a great show now then you aren't consistent at all.

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NewMonday1645d ago

As publishers they did great, as platform holders it looks like an impossible job

sungin1645d ago

pc because 30FPS Isn't a Choice - It's a Failure

DaGamingKing1645d ago

Awww Gawd!!! Here we go again, PC Master Race, mmmmkay!

NegativeCreep4271645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

PC master race indeed. Yeah whats the point of paying $400 for a gaming console when you can just buy a pc gaming rig or upgrade your existing pc to match for $1400.

I'd wager real money that most if not all of of these "PC or Nuttin'" trolls on N4G don't even have that kind of money to spend.

Vegamyster1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

He's quoting the guy from Oculus lol.


You can easily spent less then a $1000 and get a great gaming PC.

MWH1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

lol, that was funny.

@NegativeCreep427 don't forget the HDTV for the console, a good HDTV will cost you.

modesign1645d ago

not everyones mommy can buy them the $4k ihavepower PC.

Einhert1644d ago

Don't know many mums who are willing to splash out money for a gaming PC lol

Most people I know with gaming PCs are mature adults with decent - good jobs living on their own because they are the people who can afford it.

Sorry but anyone who argues price as a factor with PCs is just a poor failure who needs to work harder.

Garethvk1645d ago

How can one win on demos, trailers, and incomplete games? Every year ee get this who won E3 and I say nobody. Until the game ships, sells, and does well, all the praise does nit matter. I would rather lose E3 but outsell the winner and get better reviews.

sungin1645d ago

the demos run on pc,so all the gameplay you see in e3 is fake

lilbroRx1645d ago

Not from Nintendo. Everything they showed ran on their hardware. No false advertising or misleading footage.

Though, PC will always be the best though. I just wish all of the big upcoming PC games weren't being held back by consoles.

I missed the days where we got PC games that were built specifically for the PC.

NewMonday1645d ago

All is a stretch, 1st party games by Sony run on the PS4.

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