All You Need To Know About The Upcoming PlayStation TV

PS4Home: "Viewers will be able to use video-on-demand content, access DVR functionality, and even view live TV programming."

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UltimateMaster1642d ago

Why is it "service" when you show us a console instead.
BTW; for a company like Sony who made TV series for 50 years, it kinda makes sense to have their own TV streaming service.

Whether or not you're interested is another thing, but they do have great content.

Drithe1642d ago

If I wanted to play games from my PS Vita, why not just put that ability on the VITA itself?

Will I be able to transfer over all my downloaded Vita games onto this Vita tv? If not, this is a waste of time.

Ultr1642d ago

Pretty obvious that you can. You can also download your games again if you buy a new Vita

Drithe1642d ago

There is no TV Video Output on the PS Vita.

Anon19741641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"There is no TV Video Output on the PS Vita." there isn't. It's a portable gaming platform that was designed for play on the go. Why would there be a TV out?

Not quite sure what your point is here.

For me, I'm purchasing a PS TV day one. I had two PS3's last gen for my upstairs and downstairs entertainment setups and this device is worth $100 to me just as a PS4 extender if nothing else. The fact that I can continue to play my Vita titles on the TV with a standard controller when I choose is just a fantastic, added bonus.

Both my brothers bought big campers this summer as well with TV's onboard. I think I'll get them each a PS TV for Christmas. These would be fantastic for taking along with them so the kids can play on those wet days and weekends. These are certainly nice to pack up easily to take on holidays or out to the cabin, or just an inexpensive console to throw in the kid's room.

Emanno1642d ago

Will the cable service market become irrelevant, once the PS TV arrives worldwide ?

Wikkid6661641d ago

No... just another streaming box.

Yodagamer1641d ago

In a market with devices that have more apps and native HD instead of upscaled 544 or lower pending on the games/app

kneon1641d ago

No. Even if wildly successful it would take many years for cable TV service to become irrelevant. Before we can stream everything we need widespread availability of reasonably fast, reasonably priced internet access with very high or no download cap.

Godmars2901642d ago

Poorly written and hardly informative, since there is no official info.

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