Former 'Destiny' director working on three Xbox One games for Microsoft

XMNR: The gaming industry was shocked when Joseph Staten left his role as Creative Director for “Destiny” at Bungie to return to Microsoft Studios earlier this year. The question of what Xbox One games he has been working on since his return was revealed Saturday via the discovery of an update to his LinkedIn profile, and it’s not “Halo.”

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randomass1711644d ago

Good for him! This should be an example of the recent leaves from Naughty Dog. People continue doing work in their field. It's all a part of the industry.

FanboyKilla1643d ago

Welcome back and smart choice. The grass isnt always greener. Lets get back to real work.

TheRedButterfly1643d ago

Quitting and getting fired are two different things... But your point still stands. Look at Amy. She's over with EA doing great work! I'm sure the other devs are too.

truefan11644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

This is fantastic news for Scalebound and Crackdown. Great years of XBOX gaming ahead.

Speaking of Scalebound Hideki Kamiya teased a little drawing.

christocolus1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Joseph staten..I love that guy. He did a great job with the first 3 halos and joining mgs again was great news to me. He is rumored to have some involvement with BT and rare unannounced ips too. Having him work on crackdown and SO is great too and then scalebound too? There isn't a single kamiya game that I've played and wasn't pleased with. I'm getting that game day one. I think we will see more japanese projects and maybe a gameplay demo of scalebound at their pre japanese launch show and tgs. 5p also said they had another game to show at e3 but it was never shown .I'm guessing its been pushed to tgs.

Software_Lover1643d ago

Microsoft should let Rare work on Voodoo Vince and Blinx. Bring those games back

No_Limit1643d ago


LOL, you are a "disagree' magnet. Doesn't matter what you say, these stealth disagrees keep on coming. But continue to do what you do and spread the good brother.

TheSaint1643d ago

He gets all the disagrees because he's a muppet.

Foxhound9221643d ago

He gets disagrees and he has one bubble fora reason. He's a biased troll that has delusional theories and refuses the accept well known facts. There are plenty of Xbox fans on this site that have more than 5 bubbles, it's because they are intelligent, insightful, and have plenty to add to the contestation without hate and bias. That, and that alone, is why he gets well warranted disagrees.

OT- This is good to hear and it's nice to see talent in the gaming industry evolving and grow. We need these guys to carry on and make these works of art.

JasonKCK1643d ago

Foxhound922 the bubble system on N4G is lopsided. There are PS fans on this site that make comments equal to trefan1, but have 8 or 9 bubbles.

BallsEye1643d ago

How posts like yours can get so many disagrees? N4G is such a sad place nowdays.

ovnipc1643d ago

Welcome back home. Ms its your home.

sinspirit1643d ago

What? Bungie was his home. He worked there since 1998. After all that went into Destiny after work on Halo he had to have been well compensated. I don't see why he would leave, unless he's done most of what he needs for the next two games in its trilogy, which seems likely from the kind of job he has.

THamm1643d ago

MS money talks, he left because ms offered him an offer he couldn't refuse. Don't blame him, take the guaranteed pay.

Mustang300C20121643d ago

You do realize mS bought Bungie in 99 so he has basically been with MS as long as with Bungie.

sinspirit1643d ago


He worked for Bungie. Not MS. Bungie isn't owned by MS. Halo is.

Bonkerz1643d ago

Very happy to see him back at home with MS :) He is a very talented guy, excited to see the help he brings to these studios.

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