E3 2014: Bringing Toys to Life in Skylanders: Trap Team | Hardcore Gamer

The Skylanders series has been wildly popular with adults and kids alike. Activision and Toys for Bob knew they had a hit when they figured out a way to mesh together toys and video games, offering two modes of entertainment in one. In previous Skylanders games the focus was given to exploring all the secrets the world had to hide, so they figured why not bring even more fun to the fans and bring the toys to life? Skylanders: Trap Team takes place right after the events of the previous game, Skylanders: Swap Force. Kaos, the main antagonist, sets every villain free from prison. Cloudcracker prison -- where they were being kept, -- is destroyed sending all of its Traptanium pieces to Earth. Now, you must use Trap Masters to capture each of the escaped villains.

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