Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! is Definitely More Borderlands | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Jake Weston: "We’ve seen many video game prequels in the last few years, quickly made, sometimes cheaply produced, and usually worked on by the publisher’s “B-team” while the next step forward in whichever hypothetical series we’re talking about is being developed. On one hand, it’s kind of refreshing that 2K Australia is addressing this head-on with their naming of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, taking over the franchise from Gearbox Software as they work on whatever it is they’re currently working on. On the other hand, while the meta nature of the title certainly fits nicely with the series’ trademark humor, it doesn’t mask the feeling that this entry is indeed more of the same from 2012’s Borderlands 2, though if you’re a hardcore fan of the franchise, that’s certainly not a bad thing."

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Matt6661644d ago

I sure its cl4tp.

OT: Can't wait for this game.

Ripsta7th1645d ago

Anyone looking to buy this game should wait a bit, I am certainly sure there will be a next-gen version. Well that's if you want the best experience. Something tells me the PS4 and Xbox one version will follow after last gen sales have settled

AnEwGuY1645d ago

It's also releasing on PC, so that would technically be the "best version". The Borderlands games, like many modern multiplats, even have full controller support ; it's like playing on a console with steroids.

gamerfan09091645d ago

Borderlands is such a bad game, I have no clue where the acclaim comes from. It really is one of the worst shooters I've played of all time.

psforward1645d ago

There are many people who would disagree with you on this. I get that you don't like it but it's definitely not a "bad game". You are entitled to your opinion though.

DougLord1645d ago

You are entitled to your opinion. It's my favorite shooter ever. But then I don't really go for ultra realistic, ultra competitive PvP. I don't have enough time to get good at it.

Jai9991645d ago

And light some people on Fire!