Hands-On Preview: Evolve - Survival of the Fittest I DualShockers

Evolve pits man vs monster in an epic, fast-paced environment where survival of the fittest is the key to victory. DualShockers takes a look at the latest from Turtle Rock Studios' "4v1" FPS in a hands-on preview with Evolve from E3 2014.

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Edward751643d ago

This game is on my radar.

Two things that could break it though...
1. Not balanced, on either side.
2. Not enough content. (Playing the same "mission" over and over with the same results)

Judge_Rez1643d ago

If these guys have learned ANYTHING from Valve, then we could have an even bigger hit than L4D2 in the near future :) , at least on PC.
Valve has this distinct philisophy for competitive gaming that could just as well apply to assymmetric multiplayter titles such as this.