EA bringing FIFA 15 to Wii and 3DS but not to Wii U

Like last year, the latest FIFA entry won’t be on Wii U. However, EA does intend to bring the game to both Wii and 3DS. It’ll likely be another small roster update kind of thing that we’ve recently seen.

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Metallox1617d ago

I'd tell people to not buy the game on Wii or 3DS.

Sincere01211616d ago

Hypocrite much?

Pot kettle black

Metallox1616d ago

Why? I like FIFA, but Wii and 3DS are horrible, the same since FIFA 11.

meganick1616d ago

You're an obnoxious twat.

Ck1x1616d ago

Awe look, he's upset and bitter because he predicted that Nintendo would fail at their e3 presentations this year, and it seems unanimous by the press that Nintendo hit it out of the park ;(

slivery1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Bitter? Look at your comment history, holy crap man, that is bitter shit right there.

What crawled up your ass and died lately? I mean you are usually always taking a piss at something but you are taking this news a bit overboard. You have been trolling Nintendo non-stop these past couple days. Literally almost every single comment you have made is about Nintendo.

Your comment history is a complete joke, if you dislike Nintendo systems and their games so much why on earth do you pay so much attention to Nintendo related news? Do you really have nothing better to do? Nothing to keep you occupied other than constant trolling?

Give the Wii U speech a rest already also, the only place its doing poorly in now is Japan but every console in Japan right now is selling poorly.

Sometimes I feel you people have a closet complex, you're like someone who is secretly gay but acts like they hate gay people. In your instance it's like you secretly like the Wii U but you could never let anyone know, so you cover it up by hating on it instead.

randomass1711616d ago

@slivery Well said. I haven't taken LOL_WUT's comments seriously since according to him I could "only dream" of buying a Wii U because I previously couldn't afford one. Joke's on him now that I do. Salty, salty. :P Anyway, just bubble him down for trolling. That's what I do.

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3-4-51616d ago

EA, We can't buy your games if you don't make them for our console.

* It's not that EA games don't sell on Nintendo console's, it's that EA makes inferior versions of their games for said consoles.

donwel1616d ago

EA are still anally devastated that Nintendo wouldn't use origin for the Wii Us online services

Ol_G1616d ago

I love that on 3ds Nintendo notifies people it's only a roster update nothing more it's like right back at ya EA you won't make games for us then we'll make sure your crappy ports don't sell love it when Nintendo thinks of the customer first

PurpatraitorMGS1617d ago


But i was so pumped for it!

Activemessiah1617d ago

haven't bought a FIFA since 99... not about to start.

LOL_WUT1616d ago

Do you say the same for every multiplat that doesn't come to a Nintendo system? ;)

NihonjinChick1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Well, since they haven't purchased the game since 99, the fact it's not on WiiU probably does matter much.

Activemessiah1616d ago

Yeah i was upset FIFA 2000 didn't show up on the Wii U... livid. >_>

manman61616d ago

EA seems like they want the Wii U to fail.

Qrphe1616d ago

More like the Wii U is failing to draw devs.

AJBACK2FRAG1616d ago

lol! The Wii U is an indie darling! F*** EA you want to buy and play the same game year after year knock yourself out!

LOL_WUT1616d ago

Yet you don't seem to have a problem playing the same Nintendo franchises year after year. Hypocrites ;)

randomass1711616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Like Wonderful 101, Splatoon and Project STEAM? The last Star Fox game came out nearly a decade ago. Zelda games get more changes than graphical and roster updates. Stop trolling.

Ol_G1616d ago

Did the mass effect 3 port not tell you the whole story already Ea is the one company that would have me jumping with joy if their licenses to create games on Nintendo platforms get revoked

JBSleek1616d ago

Why are people so negative about Fifa?

dodgemoose1616d ago

Because it's a very successful franchise, but people don't believe it should be so. It's the same case with Call of Duty. There are some justifications to these views, but people also just like to hate on things they don't play or like themselves, rather than being neutral towards it.

M1ST4K31616d ago

Because EA, I guess... FIFA has been evolving a lot, I give them that, but EA explicitly showing that they only care about money (every company does... some companies just show more respect than others) throws some people off the boat.

Just like this decision of not putting the game on Wii U. It puts me off and I don't even have the Wii U :)

iistuii1616d ago

They're not going to waste money on a version if it's not going to sell. Like you say EA know a thing or two about money, so they've obviously weighed up the pro's & cons & decided it's not worth it.

M1ST4K31616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

@iistuii can you tell me where your reply complemented my answer? I said "EA explicitly showing that they only care about money (every company does... some companies just show more respect than others) throws some people off the boat"

I know they want to maximize gains... I know the Wii U version will probably make them loose money at the start. I stated that in my comment.

What I mean by respect is just like when you order a menu in McDonalds and your food falls to the floor. The first thing they will do is "Here, have another, no payment needed! Accidents happen...".
Are they making money with it? No... they are loosing, possibly. Are they respecting? Yes they are... Does the client comes back to buy more menus? High chance, given how well he was treated.

Like I said, some people doesn't care about this stuff... I do. Even though I don't own a Wii U, I feel for them.

iistuii1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Because it's the best selling most played football game in history. So it's cool to hate on it on here. It's a good game especially on PS4 & I & millions of others are looking forward to it. Nobody on here is going to tell me how to spend my money. Could they release a patch each year ? Of course, but it's called business & I like many others look forward to my annual game. It's one of those games that I play all year long until the next one.

I get what you mean about FUT. But I assure you I have NEVER bought a pack. I play, enjoy & earn my points to open my packs. If people want to waste their money on packs that's up to them, again it's a choice. But I tell you there's no better feeling than my gold team which is good but with no stars whoops a gold team with ALL the stars they've obviously paid for..

sGIBMBR1616d ago

Well said.

To people who aren't FIFA fans, the game may look the same every year but if I was to go back and play FIFA 13 now, I'd most definitely be different! EA has taken a different approach with 14, and it is much different than the previous installment.

The only thing I dislike about FIFA is how FUT is such a pay to win gamemode.

M1ST4K31616d ago

Yep... And I think FIFA has been improving a lot gameplaywise. Subtle changes that have been making the game more enjoyable each year that non-football lovers won't spot at the first sight, so it might look as just "another roster update".
I don't wanna start a PES vs FIFA fight, but I was all into PES until ~2004 and I really hated how FIFA played at that date. Now I prefer FIFA by far... and the hours I put into play it's well worth the money I pay per year, IMO.

sGIBMBR1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )


You're right, you can achieve a good team without paying, but I'm going to guess that you might be one of the few that doesn't do that on FUT. I myself don't buy gold packs with real money and have established myself a decent team (83 overall I think) but not world class.

It just really frustrates me that when I do lose it tends to be to those over powered players who often create those bull s**t moments.


I was just like you buddy. I was all PES until about 2006 when I did a borrowed swap between the 2 games and I just haven't looked back since. I try out all the Pro Evo demo's every year in anticipation that they might do something good, but they are just never as good as FIFA.

Metallox1616d ago

Because the game on Wii and 3DS is horrible, the same since the 11th edition.

EA also changed the arcade style of the franchise after FIFA 09, and I don't like the new.

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