Creative Assembly "Shocked" by Negative Reactions to Alien: Isolation

"People came away with stories that were so alien to what the game was about."

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-Foxtrot1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I'm not saying I want a big action game full of guns but they have a point, hiding from the Alien for like the majority of the game will get boring fast

You can have both, Dead Space is a perfect example of that and one of the finest horror games of last gen. It kept you on your toes yet you had a ton of weapons at your disposal, ammo was limited at times though and it took you until your second playthrough to upgraded them fully. Yet it was a great horror game, it was about the atmosphere and the fact that even your guns could be useless if the enemies over power you.

I really think people want this game to be good so much that they are over hyping it themselves. I get it though...people want a good Alien game

Regardless you can't do any worse then Aliens Colonial Marines. I'm not going to trust journalists though with this game, hyping it up like they have because they did the same with Colonial Marines, hours and hours they spent with that game and none of them said "Hey guys....this looks shit"

sinspirit1641d ago

Dead Space had many monsters around. In Alien you don't just have tons of random people to shoot at. Why would you shoot at the same alien the whole game?

I prefer this approach, it's just up to them to pull it off. Games aren't fun just because you shoot at things all the time. In fact a lot of games aren't fun any more because that's all they are the whole time. Alien is a sci-fi horror film. Not an action movie in space.

HeWhoWalks1641d ago

Well put! Especially for a game going for a claustrophobic, helpless feeling, I'd prefer less gun-play.

markoghc1641d ago

I agree with you. This game is more Amnesia or Outlast than Dead Space or Colonial Marines. Approach they are taking is more appropriate, since they are aiming for the look and feel of the first movie, not the second. If I remember correctly, there will be some androids in the game as well, hopefully that part of the game won't turn into a standard shooter.

-Foxtrot1641d ago

I didn't really say games were fun just because you shot things, i was making the point you can have guns you just need to restrict them so your not shooting all the time. Resident Evil is a perfect example of this, it's why it was scary. I chose to run most of the time but i liked having a gun in my just made me feel a litte safe even though i knew it wouldnt ment shit as ammo was low.

I would of prefered to find out you couldnt kill the Alien myself. Although its silly because they are killabl. It would be different if you had the Alien Queen aftee you but i think what they should of done is you can kill it but it was be really difficult and once you did another alien would take its place.

Alien is not an action movie in space...your joking right, one film, the first one is the only full on steady horror film, after Aliens it turned into an action film. I've spent an entire 2 months doing an essay critical analyses on this for Uni, i would know.

sinspirit1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


Like I said.. "Alien". Not "Aliens" and onwards. And, even with more action-oriented sequels they still had some focus on horror in some of them.

I'm not sure if taking two months for a critical analysis is supposed to be impressive. Did you do an analysis for one movie every week or something?

Horror games are making a comeback, and shooter action games are getting played out, and we haven't had a truly good Alien game and what we have had have been action-based spinoffs.

Rockefellow1641d ago Show
-Foxtrot1641d ago

Really guys your taking the last line of my comment way too seriouly. I was just noting my source as i had nothing to back in up with in links. By the way its a uni course not college, third year, its not as easy as you might think writing 7,500 words on it and doing a portfollio, 5000 evaluation aswell as doing all this for another film with a difrerent genre, i know people think stuff relating to films and that is easy but its not. Anyway please don't make a big deal over that as i said it was just to show you where i was getting my info from incase you said wheres your source or who thinks that harm was intended.

Rockefellow....that was uncalled for

Rute1641d ago

Well I agree on sinspirit that having lots of weapons at the player's disposal would not work well but I also agree with Foxtrot on that there's a danger that the game gets boring fast.

From what I've seen the gameplay, the Xenomorph in the game does not come off as a "perfect organism" (as said by Ash in the original film). It mainly just walks around slowly and doesn't seem to possess good enough senses to spot a player that is hiding under a table one metre away. I mean come on, a real life lion would be 100x more efficient at spotting things and killing them than the "granpa" Xenomorph in the game.

theshonen88991641d ago

I grew up watching the original Alien so this game is a dream come true. It really captures the original idea of being powerless against a being that is powerful, fast, smart, quiet, and BLEEDS ACID.

jollygoodchap81641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Bubbles to Rockefellow :)

Seriously fox...Your little crusade against this game is getting tiresome.

Go away.

Prime1571641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I think the approach to this has many gamers let down because it's out of their comfort genre. People who can't play different niche titles. Horror, especially survival horror is as niche as jrpgs anymore.

I, for one, won't be playing this game. However, my choice is derived from seeing alien when I was 5 and being scared s###less of the exomorph ever since.

This game would give me a heart attack.

maniacmayhem1641d ago

Well said sinspirit! I agree 100%, if games want to be taken seriously then there has to be a change or shake up in the usual, by the numbers formula.

Once again Foxtrot is on the ropes in yet another article in total defense mode. Once in a while I can see this as a coincidence, but this happens in 80% of the articles this guy appears in, trying to pass off his cynical judgement as facts.

Everything in his eyes is over hype. Nothing can just be a good game with good press or buzz behind it.

Bimkoblerutso1641d ago

I agree with Prime. This is just out of most people's comfort zones at this point.

REAL survival horror has been very hard to come by for probably the last decade or so, and even back in the day you were given at least some kind of means to destroy your enemy.

It's just hard for gamers to wrap their heads around not being able to blast their adversaries away because that is almost entirely what we have been doing since the dawn of gaming.

Dee_911641d ago

I would honestly rather hide for 15 hours than shoot right now, I am tired of shooters..

ThanatosDMC1641d ago

My problem is that it's the same people who created Rome Total War 2. Is this game gonna come out broken and full of bugs and the promise that they'll fix the game later?

mkis0071641d ago

They should try to aim for Bioshocks feel. I hated the gameplay of Bioshock but the atmosphere really made it not noticeable.

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Irishguy951641d ago

It would be better if the Alien didn't suck

DevilishSix1641d ago

This game isn't going to go over well with the critics or fans as a whole. Yes it is scary at first and thats great. The problem is they made this game a hardcore sthealth game you literally have few options for success. I think they have gone from a s*** shooter (Colonial marines) to now its a s*** sthealth game.

frostypants1641d ago

You know what the problem is, even though you haven't seen more than a little of it? C'mon...

If you want to shoot a lot, you have plenty of options. Half the games on the market already give you that.

Inception1641d ago


"This game isn't going to go over well with the critics or FANS as a whole"

"My only point is is that I don't think fans of this franchise are gonna to be on board with this hardcore sthealth"

Says who? Your mom?

I'm a big fans of Alien and so far this game is day 1 purchase for me.

Also, in Alien movies all characters from Ripley, Newt, etc are running and hiding from the Alien(s). Even the Marines who had tons of guns are running from the Aliens with tail between their legs.

That's why i'm glad Creative Assembly go back to the core essence of Alien movies and make this game with focus on stealth.

So please, i'll suggest you to go watch all Alien movies, especially Alien 1 and tell me if this game doesn't make the fans and critics happy.

solid_snake36561641d ago

I'm tired of playing shootem up games, I'm glad these guys are taking a different approach.

DevilishSix1641d ago

Solid Snake I haven't played the last two COD games and I am not sure where you get the idea I am asking for shooting in this game. My only point is is that I don't think fans of this franchise are gonna to be on board with this hardcore sthealth. Good example, I was watching Giant Bombs uncover the coverage or something like that and Brad Shoemaker, someones opinion I respect talk about the game. He said you literally can't do anything around the alien. He said he was intrigued but "f*** that game" is what he said. Now lets assume thats the case, if so the fanbase of this franchise was not screaming for a hardcore sthealth game. That was all I was trying to say and take it how you will.

wastedcells1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I could tell this would happen. At E3 the Sega rep said only a handful of people made it to the end of the demo and this was on day 3. I died in like 10 minutes but beat it the second time. People had a hard time with it. You have to hide and be very patient so I can see people getting frustrated. I came out of hiding because I was tired of waiting and died almost right away lol. He said there is only the one alien the whole game and you can't kill it. You get a flame thrower but it's only to scare the alien away.

Old McGroin1641d ago

Wouldn't be a very long game if you could shoot and kill the only alien in the game.

frostypants1641d ago

@Old McGroin, no. That would actually be kind of awesome.

Allsystemgamer1641d ago

First off, the setting is the same type of cargo vessel shown in the first movie. The NOSTROMO. Why would there be guns on a transport cargo ship...

JsonHenry1641d ago

Its a horror game. Go play Amnesia and tell me that running and hiding gets old quick.

And I saw plenty of fighting back and setting traps int he E3 videos.

frostypants1641d ago

Disagree. Disagree strongly. There are plenty of mindless shooters out there. A game where you live in fear is far more appealing and original. The problem is too many gamers wanted an Aliens game. This isn't Aliens. It's Alien. COMPLETELY different tone between those films.

fanboysmackdown1641d ago

What a fail should have given up after the first comment.

Magicite1641d ago

previous aliens game flopped so no big surprise.

XxExacutionerxX1641d ago

And this is why Resident Evil or survival
horror is dead, because of this dumb Call of Duty fps shooter generation that just wants to shoot everything. The Alien game is awesome and scary. This is survival horror people, 80 percent of you noobs that camp in COD will feel right at home with this game.

KinjoTakemura1641d ago

The game is about survival not fighting. Alien Isolation is supposed to be a "Survival Horror" game, not a game where you gain superiority over your enemy with overpowered weapons.

BlackWolf121641d ago

Dude read the article, the Alien isn't the only enemy you will come across.

There are Androids and Insane humans running around as well.

showtimefolks1640d ago

gaming community now a days does nothing but complain, its truly sad how some of them spend most of their time on gaming site. When do these people actually play games to have opinion on those games?

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Sclavius1641d ago

I'm a little confused as well. We've seen a lot of successful horror games where you're completely powerless and must hide or evade enemies. Amnesia and more recently Outlast comes to mind. It's suppose to be a game where you're not the gun toting bad ass.

mike32UK1641d ago

I think the reason this is being made an issue of is the fact that Alien:Isolation is a AAA title where as the others you mentioned were indie titles. I have no idea why that should matter, but apparently the it does for some. I personally cannot wait for this game!

frostypants1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I still think the bigger problem is too many younger gamers have no clue of the difference between "Alien" and "Aliens". An Alien game with lots of shooting would make no sense at all.

mike32UK1640d ago

I absolutely agree! Sad but true. Same goes for a lot of the gaming masses, if there isnt a load of pointless shooting they're not interested

FriedGoat1641d ago

I think the main problem is the setting that they are playing the game. This is a game meant to be played alone in a dark room kinda thing. Playing this game on a loud e3 show floor really isnt going to do anything for you.

Niv1641d ago

Outlast ripoff, hiding in lockers and tracker instead of night vision in outlast.

lobocob1641d ago

You're gonna run out of things to enjoy real fast if you can't accept one thing being influenced by another

Inception1641d ago


Look niv, dude, the tracker already existed in Alien movies long before Red Barrel developed Outlast. Go watch Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986) movies.

Also hiding in the lockers exist in most of horror movies long before Red Barrel developed Outlast. And as far as i remember, it's Siren / Clock Tower series that implemented hiding in the locker / closet for the 1st time in survival horror games.

jeromeface1641d ago

I guess outlast is just a rip off of metal gear solid 2... pioneers on locker hiding. /facepalm

Allsystemgamer1641d ago

And outlast is an amnesia rip off that wasn't scary. You done crying now?

Qrphe1641d ago

"Every game is a rip off of the games Ive played"

I heard someone somewhere say Zelda was ripping off Asscreed because Link had a hood in the trailer. You people HAVE to stop thinking like this.

randomass1711640d ago

That is the most depressing thing I've ever heard.

jollygoodchap81641d ago

You're on the internet...Knowledge is literally at your fingertips.

Do some research.

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Agent_00_Revan1641d ago

I don't understand the butthurt reactions to this game either. I think it looks great!

If you want a shooter, go play a shooter. Or better yet, if you want an Aliens game with Action, go play Colonial Marines. =)

thehobbyist1641d ago

Not Colonial Marines. AVP 2010. That one's actually playable.

Evil Rant Monkey1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

ehhemmm... AVP2 FTW!

edit:OT: They have the lore, the brand success, and some decent media coverage right now. If they can pull this off, they could reclaim the Alien game tie-in throne, that AVP2 currently holds place dear to my heart.
:,) *tears of joy*

KinjoTakemura1641d ago

@I don't understand the butthurt reactions to this game either. I think it looks great!

Casual gamers who have short attention spans. For them, if you can't shoot, score, or damage something it's not a game.

VsAssassin1641d ago

I think the reason why some horror games are great just by running away from crazed monsters is because you are not familiar with them yet. In Alien: Isolation, the main threat's identity, the Alien, is already known to most gamers. This makes the game a little bit less terrifying.

RevXM1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I think it is needless to say that the alien have sort of lost its identity through the years. Just because we sort of know what it looks like and what it does doesn't subract from the experience because it is a nasty fudger the way it was actually meant to be and behave.

CA have said that people think they know the Alien and what it looks like, but they do not. And I think they are right. cause most people think they are spacemonkey cannon fodder but they actually are not. hence all the weird reactions towards the game.

In Alien it was portrayed as a clearly superior opponent with strenght and smarts. and this game is going back to the roots of this nasty beast taking a deep dive to experience the true Alien.

Emme1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Totally my impression, too: its too familiar and explored. Games like CM totally downgraded " the Alien". You also cant make an 8 hour game with one Alien, of which You know how it moves and how it looks. You can add a certain goal for the creature and change its behavior based on the players reactions, but terrifying it won't be.

SoulSercher6201641d ago

I have to respectfully disagree. In Outlast you're trapped in an asylum full of crazed people. The "crazed people" thing has been done for years, yet people are constantly saying Outlast is one of the scariest games out there in recent memory. Knowing that the Alien is the main threat doesn't necessarily mean it's less scary.

If you take a wrong turn and the Alien surprise attacks you what will you do in that situation? Just asking out of curiosity.

Baka-akaB1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I disagree too ... if you do your job well , being hunted by that "ONE" alien should be challenging and a treat .

In Alien , not only is it treated as a quasi perfect hunter , much like the first predator , but the vessel isnt military either .

Meanwhile within the alien games , most of what we had were dumb hordes to cut down with overpowered weapons in FPS

And even within the gaming realm , being hunter by beings like Nemesis on Resident evil 3 or even Pyramid Head , makes for a great , and not that often reproduced , experience

I think the game seems to try that angle , but fall flat upon it a bit . I'll still enjoy it , but you need a better AI , and scripted event from what i've seen to pull it off .

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