Mario Maker Release Date Wishlist: Five Things Nintendo Needs To Make The Game A Fan Favorite

Mario Maker could be the next big thing from Nintendo. But it needs to do more than just let fans make levels.

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Moonman1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I feel so much more will be revealed about this awesome game maker as this year goes on. Hoping for an early/ winter 2015 release! :)

digim01645d ago

According to the nintendo rep I talked to at E3 it's still in the early stages of development. They want to hear what fans want, so I'm hoping this wish list can get some traction. If it doesn't have ranking/community sharing i don't think it'll be as successful.

Moonman1645d ago

They confirmed sharing with friends was the entire point (in almost exact words).

MasterCornholio1645d ago

Its good to see Nintendo embrace user generated content. It took them a while but they finally did it.

Great times for Nintendo fans.

EliteGameKnight1645d ago

Something I think would be is if we could have an over-world map like in the Super Mario Bros series and link our stages to them. that way we could create a full fledged game if we wanted to and others could load and play them

SaintAlpha1011645d ago

Its a long shot, but the ability to create custom game sprites would be amazing, like how you can in Warioware D.I.Y.

ChickeyCantor1645d ago

I would like to see a puzzle mode. where you are limited to certain elements to place. Where Mario would run on his own and needs to reach the finish.

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