Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Trailer Analysis – New Abilities, New Armor, and a New Vision?

MP1st - Halo 5: Guardians‘ Xbox One beta trailer that debuted during Microsoft’s E3 2014 media briefing wasn’t particularly revealing, but there were a few things to pick up on if you were paying attention or looked deeper into what was being presented.

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Septic1641d ago

Dedicated servers alone is a megaton. Halo vets will know why! No more host advantage BS! 1080p 60fps is great too. No Halo game has run on that before so it'll be wicked to watch it run on those settings.

Oh man I can't wait!

AngelicIceDiamond1641d ago

Halo 5 Guardians MP beta December 27 I can't wait. 60 frames with dedicated servers should make for the smoothest Halo game to date, I mean silky smooth gameplay.

Super pumped pumped for this.

ats19921641d ago

Im really happy it wont be anything like Halo 4 and it will be going back to Halos roots.

GarrusVakarian1641d ago

I can't believe im going to be playing the Halo 2 multiplayer again, in 1080p 60fps, with new graphics.


Farmassy1640d ago

I think the thing that I am most excited for is that there will no longer be armor abilities...

That was an unnecessary distraction and it seems like they are really listening to the fans when constructing the multiplayer

N4GJD1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Dedicated Servers don't mean anything with recent games so heavily catering towards bad internet connections with lag compensation, low tick rates, network smoothing, and such. This is putting good internet connections at a severe disadvantage. For instance, by displaying a sort of artificial lag; forcing you to see everything other then our own actions with a delay, or of the past; among other disadvantages. This is a fact whether you see it or not. There is no longer any legitimacy in online games anymore. All for the sake of more profits by catering to as many people as they can.

Fireseed1641d ago

Lolwut? How do dedicated servers compensate towards bad connections? If you have a crap connection on a dedicated server, no one else is affected by it.

Bladesfist1641d ago

He explained why when he said low tick rates. The lower the tick rate of the server the less bandwidth is used on the client end. This also means the game updates less but interpolation / smoothing can be used to try and fix this. I'm not sure if this is the reason that some devs are doing this but he has got a point.

tgunzz1641d ago

Stoked!! If there are any gamers out there that are waiting on destiny but never had a chance to play halo. Please, I recommend playing this set when it hit's!! Classic!

Aces171641d ago

The Master Chief Collection runs at 1080p 60fps.

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-Foxtrot1641d ago

I like the fact they are going back to what Halo was like, instead of turning it into every other multiplayer game out there. Halo 2 was fantastic and yet it had less stuff then newer Halo games.

Less gimmicks means there is less stuff to balance in the online.

I know this might not be a popular opinion but after Halo 4 I don't think 343 are a multiplayer company and by that I mean it seems there real talent came from the well crafted single player...only problem is the single player was far too short like they wasted too much time on the multiplayer. I'd rather see a longer single player from them to be honest.

We don't need silly gimmicks like loadouts or armour abilities because it stops people from practising their skill and the people who do use skill are screwed because other people using gimmicks to their advantage.

I hope ND do this with Uncharted 4, U3 is another game which felt like it was trying to be COD with all the silly gimmicks in the game. U2 had people using cover, had a slower pace, people thinking about their strategies yet in U3 you had people blind firing more, no skill, going in guns blazing with their moded guns

Septic1641d ago

Yeah I agree (shocking I know).

Halo needs to go back to its roots with Halo 5; less armour abilities, focus on map control with weapon spawns and longer engagements that require more skill to take a person out.

Wni01641d ago

Halo killed timespitters. May halo rot i hell. Oh cool 5 new superficial changes to justify a new game. At least they didnt make a game with 4 new maps +1 zombie mode and a 4 hour campaign and charge 60$

urwifeminder1641d ago

Will be great the sheer amount of laughs and fun I will get just being fodder for kicks , why are you not trying? ha ha I play by my rules.

Rimeskeem1641d ago

I may get an Xbox one For Halo. Maybe

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