"Real Gamers Don't Read Reviews"

Here’s an overheard quote that is the topic of the day: Is it mere egotism and a massive superiority complex that generates the quote, or is it legitimate?

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randomass1711615d ago

I read reviews all the time. What I don't do is base my subjective stance on what others say. My opinion from my own experience and no one else's. More people should take that stance, I think.

gaffyh1615d ago

There's certain reviewers' opinions I respect (Jeff Gerstmann springs to mind), and there's certain ones that have proven time and time again that they have no taste in games (some of the Gamespot guys spring to mind). So I tend to listen to those reviewers I respect, and base my decision of that as well as the wealth of videos that are now available.

randomass1711615d ago

It's totally fair to respect reviews that you read. Just be sure to consider that someday their stance on something, be it a game or some sort of social industry issue, may actually differ from yours. ;)

Pogmathoin1615d ago

Real gamers come here and cry about consoles they will never own and use illogical crap to say who won E3.... Then try shove it down your throat..... Real people play the games.....

aLucidMind1614d ago

Real gamers believe there is a winner and loser at E3 rather than just looking at it as sneak peaks and reveals of future games to be excited for.

moomoo3191615d ago

Yes Exactly! you have a bunch of children yelling about a game like watch dogs, saying it sucks, and they have never played it! they somehow think other people's opinions can substitute for theirs.

HonestDragon1615d ago

I suppose it depends on the person who says that they don't care for reviews. The quote up top is just plain ignorant, though. REAL games don't read reviews? Are you kidding me? Real gamers would do their research on games before making a purchase. That includes seeing gameplay, trailers, interviews, and reviews. It's all to ensure that they are making the right decision when purchasing a game. Also, real gamers wouldn't let some new stigma tell them what they are or aren't. If you game on computers, consoles, or handhelds consistently with games you decide to purchase based on your interest and likes, then you are a real gamer.

fathoms1615d ago

I think the definition of "real gamer" is crazy subjective, which makes this question tough. :)

aLucidMind1614d ago

I don't think it is. "Gamer" is merely someone who plays video games as a hobby, nothing more and nothing less. The kind of game is irrelevant. If you play games merely as a way to pass time rather than as a hobby, that's how you know you're not a gamer.

ps360owner091615d ago

I read reviews all the time but it's not the be all end all when it comes to determining if I buy a game or not. Recent examples are Ryse and Infamous Second Son.

Ryse had mediocre reviews but I thought it looked interesting so I bought it and enjoyed it a lot. I will buy the sequel if one is ever announced.

Many people were saying that Infamous Second Son took several steps back from previous Infamous titles but I still bought it and enjoyed that game as well. I'm also going to purchase the dlc that's releasing later this year.

whothedog1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Really if I am interested in something enough I will read reviews, look at gameplay videos, read previews, and than usually make a decision.

It's hard to just look at reviews when games like COD which usually get high scores and I am not really interested in those games.

brich2331615d ago

Yes they do read reviews and so do I. I also own 300 games.

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