Art in Motion – Hands-On at E3 with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse | SlimGamer

Justin Arnott from SlimGamer writes:
"Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is what you get if you combine 2005's Kirby: Canvas Curse with claymation. Rainbow Curse is a direct sequel to the DS original, but it's been long enough since we last played that everything seems fresh. For those of you unfamiliar with Canvas Curse, the general concept is this: By playing entirely on the touchscreen you are able to draw lines for Kirby to follow. Whenever he touches something you've drawn he will follow along until the end, while tapping Kirby or sending him through a loop will causes a speedburst that can be used to defeat enemies or break blocks. Rainbow Curse operates exactly in this manner, only this time it has replaced the hand-painted graphical style with claymation."

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