Eyes-on Impressions of Sony’s Project Morpheus and Its Tech Demos | Entertainment Buddha

Matt of Entertainment Buddha takes the red pill with Project Morpheus. "The first demo I played was called Street Luge, and based on my time with it I really hope it makes some sort of official release for the Project Morpheus, because it’s very well suited for a VR gaming experience. To fully get into a virtual street luge game I was sat down into a beanbag style chair to mimic the feeling of lying on your back. Once I put the Morpheus on the luge illusion was complete as I could look down at my feet as I was lying in the street, and the feeling was pretty radical."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1641d ago

Really enjoyed the street luge demo. Hope it makes it into some sort of mini-game collection for the Morpheus.

amiga-man1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Virtual reality on the verge of becoming reality, can't wait.

AgentSmithPS41641d ago

"I can’t express how intense and thrilling the feeling of zipping down a highway in a virtual world really is. You truly do feel like you’re moving in the virtual world thanks to the Morpheus’ magical powers"

The great Morpheus. We will meet at last.

DoctorJones1641d ago

I hope you don't try and hack into its mind this time. Just let it be.

kingdom181641d ago

I wonder how it feels/looks when playing a 3rd person game.

WeAreLegion1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Not sure about Morpheus, but it worked great for Oculus when I tried it this week. It was a 3D action platformer.

I imagine Morpheus would work just as well for it.

steven83r1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I had a chance to try the Deep Sea Shark demo. Was pretty cool. Wish they had some back stand to stand against. Felt like i was gonna fall over while playing since i was in water with the motion and looking around for the shark. People really enjoyed the Luge demo the most.

bligmerk1641d ago

The recent comment about how development was done seems to indicate Sony isn't too far from a launch announcement. Having it on the E3 show floor shows those are close to being production prototype. Everything seems to indicate a release date and price at TGS.

steven83r1641d ago

I would say mid 2015. I asked the guy who was setting it up at E3 for me and he said just a beta now going through testing. Not sure when it will be close to finished. Played well though. Too many people comparing it to Oculus at E3 since they were showing their VR there as well. But i told them not a fair comparison as Oculus has years of development over Morpheus.

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