What Game Was The Most Fun At E3? Splatoon | SlimGamer Preview

SlimGamer's Justin Arnott writes:
"Splatoon is Nintendo’s new 4v4 shooter based around ink and I honestly did not go into E3 expecting to like it as much as I did. It’s a pretty straightforward concept – splatter ink around a map and try to paint as much territory as you can – but the execution is just so refined and everything works together so well that I found myself repeatedly returning to the field of inky combat for just “one more round”."

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Metallox1641d ago

I agree. It looked like funny madness.

XisThatKid1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

IMO this is the only game I'm truly interested with and wish it could come to PSN or XBL. Not saying it shouldn't be on Wii U but it was the only game I seen were I felt "I wish I had the platform THAT'S releasing on" Smash is the other but I'm not that excited. If they delayed it or something or even cancelled it for some ridiculous reason I wouldn't be that hurt, and I bought both the Wii and Gamecube only for Smash in the past.
I was so disappointed that no one was talking about this game afterwards, it looks super fun and for me it's a must buy. I know I have an unpopular opinion but hey....

darthv721641d ago

This one was a real surprise to me. Such a fast paced, squad based, super soaker filled with paint, blast of a game to play.

Some say its looks too kiddy but has no age limit.

Munnkyman1641d ago

I like that "fun has no age limit"

jim_panse1641d ago

cant wait to play this myself. i cant even imagine which type of gamemodes and weapons will also be available. from the trailer it looks like their is some kind of killstreak or i dont know arial attack.

MNGamer-N1641d ago

An E3 surprise from Nintendo, good stuff. Looks like I will need to come up with an additional $60 the bastards...

NNID: Nate-tendo
PSN: MNGamer-N

BattleN1641d ago

I did the same thing as you a while back and was banned for posting my Gtag its really stupid I don't even know why. :(

maniacmayhem1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Yea, this was a real surprise. So inventive and different, I also think it was a huge breath of fresh air to see something this fun and engaging without the tired use of terrorists, army guys, crooks and blood gushing out of severed heads.

Just absolute fun, period.

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