We shouldn't underestimate Nintendo's Wii U, says Little Orbit CEO

"According to Matt Scott, founder and CEO of family games-focused publisher Little Orbit, we shouldn't count Nintendo's Wii U out of the race just yet; despite poor marketing on Nintendo's part dragging sales down, the company can still regain the race by opening up communication with consumers more, he told Polygon."

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Moonman1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

"everything they showed I wanna play".... :)

Even if 2015 is when most of the E3 games will come, Super Smash Bros. without a doubt will be the biggest selling first party exclusive this holiday on any console....

randomass1711648d ago

Amen to that brudduh, amen to that.

animegamingnerd1648d ago

most likely the first party game i can see putting up a decent fight is the master chief collection and maybe combing both the PS3 and PS4 versions of Little Big Planet 3

XiSasukeUchiha1648d ago

The Wii U has many tricks up its sleeve(Sharingan).

MNGamer-N1648d ago

Content of the article has already been discussed too many times no sense in beating a dead horse... But I agree don't count them out just yet. Quit saying they are dead, it's silly and fanboy nonsense. WiiU is not dead yet. The headstone writing has not been chiseled into the stone. Anything is possible. Call me an optimist.

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Dudebro901648d ago

The only people who said Nintendo and the Wii u were dead were/are people who have no idea how the gaming industry works.

gamerfan09091648d ago

It's pretty dead. No third party support, first party is dormant and admitting they're having trouble with making HD games, console is not selling up to snuff. The sad reality of the situation is Nintnedo might leave this year with about 8 to 9 million wiiu's sold in a 2 year period. The harsh reality is that I don't see them moving 30 million Wiiu's in its life time and that constitutes as a failure. Will I like to see this? Nope. This is the equivalence of Disney barely hanging on in the movie and entertainment business. But this is the reality of the console.

OmegaShen1648d ago

Then why all the pay cuts? They have very good first party titles, but thats it and they are missing out on alot of great 3rd party titles.

DoctorJones1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

3rd party games are best played on pc, the Wii U has tons of exclusives. And after all, that's what consoles are for, exclusive games.

How many exclusives are there for the other consoles this year? Hmm, crickets...

MNGamer-N1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

When I think "Nintendo" I don't think third party COD. I think bring me amazing Nintendo franchises and games. If I want to play Battlefield and download day one DLC I'll do that on PS4.

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OmegaShen1647d ago

From more then Mario and Zelda. Nintendo milks them far more then Microsoft milks Halo.

ProjectVulcan1648d ago

Nintendo aren't dead far from it, but the WiiU is struggling however it is spun.

They have to take advantage of PS4 and Xbox One's launch hype now wearing off after 6 months or so, and the gap between those machines delivering their big hitters next year.

There is a distinct lack of software for those machines for some time which is typical of the first year of a console, so Nintendo need to push their machine and games hard this year while they have a better lineup with bundles and potential price cuts and deals.

The more machines they can sell now the better, because if they don't make a move now, soon as the Halos and Uncharteds start to appear on their rival platforms it'll be too late to gain market share.

JBSleek1648d ago

I don't I have one and I enjoy it.

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