Helldivers E3 Preview | Playstation LifeStyle

"Helldivers is a dual stick shooter that has you joining up to three other players as they live up to that name, and dive into incredibly challenging combat scenarios set in a dangerous planet inhabited by creatures much akin to the bugs from the Starship Troopers franchise." - Eduardo Reboucas, Playstation LifeStyle

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edureboucas1648d ago

fun game, I can't wait til it's out.

ftwrthtx1648d ago

Another great looking game. Love this genre of shooters.

S2Killinit1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

FINALLYYYY!!! i was giving up hope that I would see Helldivers in E3.
CANT FRAGGIN WAIT to play this with my friends, on the couch. AWESOMENESS awaits.

I had no Idea that the makers of Magika were the ones making this game. So now I know what Sony meant in the conference when they said that they have partnered up with them, and that all of their studios were at work on multiple exclusives. One of them is Helldivers, and the other is Magika. more to come I presume then.

Now if only they would announce a release date, I will be very happy. Soon though (: please.

dbjj120881646d ago

I love the scifi genre. Thanks!