Little Big Planet & Worms Come Together in Organic Panic

Greg Micek writes: "We're back with another video review! This time around it's Organic Panic from Last Limb Games. Far from being the heavy handed lesson on eating like a bark crunching hippy, Organic Panic proves to be an enjoyably over the top platform puzzler with a huge variety of powers and abilities. Whether you eat your fruits and vegetables, or stick to a purely pizza and Mt. Dew diet, there's most likely something in Organic Panic for you."

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Killzoner991640d ago

No thanks , if I want LBP I'll play the REAL LBP . Not some inferior clone garbage. It boggles my mind how many developers have tried to copycat Media Molecule yet have always fallen way short. Even Nintendo is shamelessly ripping off LBP with Mario Maker and I can't wait to see that one crash and burn.