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"The track list good, though the new material doesn’t pack the punch that the older stuff does. In all, there are 20 new songs in PDF2, with just as many returning from previous games, including an Extreme version of Levan Polka. Three of the re-releases feature new PVs — my favorite being Sakura no Ame (“Cherry Blossom Rain“). The old PV for Sakura no Ame was quite basic, mostly Miku singing and dancing under a cherry blossom tree with a few outdoor cuts and shots of a school here and there, but that was it. The updated version has much more style and power as Miku walks around in her old high school recording a video. As a school teacher in Japan, the song and video hit home." -PSLS

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knifefight1648d ago

It's kind of sad but kind of awesome that the best song of the whole series has been used as the tutorial in these last couple.

ftwrthtx1648d ago

The music is always the best part of these games for me.

randomass1711648d ago

Why would you import it when it's confirmed to get a localization?

admiralvic1648d ago

From what I understand, Heath Hindman (Knifefight) lives in Japan, so it's just buying the game at their local store. The reason why they put "import" in the title is because they usually have someone else review the localized version.

randomass1711648d ago

Ah, that makes more sense. Cool! I loved the first Miku game, so I'm sure I'll love the second one, even if it doesn't change too much.

admiralvic1648d ago

@ Randomass171

Technically its the 5th game (not counting HD ports and arcade editions), but it's a fun series that doesn't really change (new elements / minor improvements were made over time though) as it progresses.

knifefight1648d ago

Yeah. It's an American site, so if the product is foreign to the main audience, they require it to be label an import review. Sometimes it's trivial, since with very little (if anything) will change with localization of some games, but it's good to be clear about exactly which version of a game has been played.

TheLastGuardian1647d ago

The english demo sold me on the first one, but I imported it because I wanted a physical copy.

knifefight1647d ago

There are lots of reasons people import.
It all depends on what matters most to you.
In this case, the game is available right now, so it can easily be your handheld fix for the summer, rather than waiting until probably late August or some time in September (release date not yet specified -- it's only "Q3 2014: for EU and NA).

Different people have different priorities and lifestyles, so it all depends on who, what game, and when. :)

RexDD1648d ago

Can't wait! I'm really looking forward to playing the new songs.

TheLastGuardian1647d ago

Just got the platinum in the first one. Such a fun game. It hasn't left my Vita since I started it. Can't wait for F 2nd.