Destiny Alpha Gameplay Video

Despite a site update, Skewed and Reviewed have posted 5 minutes of Alpha gameplay from the pending game Destiny. The video shows an early fire fight and the rich landscapes of the game.

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nicksetzer11647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Wow, this guy is terrible. That said, this alpha is hard to judge, seems like a game you need to play with your friends to fully enjoy. I played all the content on the alpha and it was ... ok. (But I played solo, and that was just a small portion, no public events for example)

Garethvk1647d ago

You try playing an Alpha with a hand in a cast and see how well you do.

cr33ping_death1647d ago

its definitely a game to play with 2 other friends if playing PVE but you could easily play the PVP alone, i had 35 kills in one game. cant wait to try team death match as some people cant grasp the concept of what is basically domination. help capture the ZONES people dont just go looking for kills. most of the kills i got in that one game were from preventing the other team from reclaiming a ZONE. so i think im ready to do some team death match

SITH1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

The collapse of the shields at 01:20 is just like Halo. I can not wait to play destiny on my xbox one.

ginsunuva1647d ago

Everything in this game is either Halo, Borderlands, or Mass Effect.

There's literally not one new thing except for a white planet-ball-dude.

SITH1647d ago

Halo and borderlands I definitely see. But mass effect? What makes you think that?

ginsunuva1647d ago

The character design and the citadel, I mean crucible.

AnEwGuY1647d ago

This is the first time I've noticed the mixed art style for Destiny. Looks like Bungie wanted to go with a cell-shaded look, but didn't want to be accused of ripping off Borderlands it's only semi-cell-shaded. Very weird looking...

Garethvk1647d ago

I am glad you noticed that. Many call the game Borderlands with better graphics but that is not accurate. There is a larger RPG element to it as we were told at E3. In the town you will be able to take Bounties, side quests, and such like in borderlands, there is the promise of a world that is constantly changing and evolving.

ginsunuva1647d ago

I call the game Halo + Borderlands with a little Mass Effect thrown on top.
It's the first time generalizing a game into a sum of others actually works.