Riddley Scott’s “Halo Nighfall” is a prequel to Halo 5

Ever since we found out about the two Halo projects in the works, many fans were curious of what Riddley Scott’s version of Halo would entail. At this year’s E3, we found out that his version of the Halo adaptation will be named “Halo Nightfall” after all, and it appears to be a prequel to Halo 5.

Many fans feel like he is the right person to do Halo justice, as Halo has a dark story, and Riddley Scott is very well known for producing high caliber dark sci-fi movies. His latest work on Prometheus brought incredible atmospheric and visual style, and a chilling, but yet intriguing feel that sci-fi movie fans love.

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optimus1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

This is very enticing to me because ridley scott directed one of my favorite movies off all time (black hawk down), and alien was also well done. but he's had some misses like legend, and promethius was one of the worst movies i've seen...still, i have high hopes for him doing a sci-fi military movie.