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EB's Matt Heywood writes, "The video is pulled directly from the PS4 using the fairly new SHAREfactory app, and it covers most of what you can do and see while playing around in the Destiny Alpha. Bungie has really opened up many things to do in the Alpha, so if you haven’t gotten a key yet, or just want to see how other gamers are getting along with the game, make sure to check out TenBenson’s video preview above."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1648d ago

I'm also really enjoying this Alpha.

TenBensons1648d ago

It surpassed all my expectations for sure, also soooo much content for an alpha. I might have hit the lvl cap but there is still so much to see.

Eldyraen1647d ago

I have 3 level 8s (highest allowed for Alpha--one of each class) and I still end up finding areas I haven't explored yet. The little open world exploration quests are not all that special on their own but they help guide you to areas you may have missed so doing them for that reason alone is worth it imo (plus the exp/cash rewards are nice).

I still think I am going to be playing as a Warlock though as so far I was right and it suits my normal playstyle best. However, The Hunter is pretty nice (knives are cool and once you unlock the upgrades for them them will be even better) and the Titan is pretty beastly so I expect I will have to have one of each come release as well.

TenBensons1647d ago

Yeah the small little quests are fairly similar after the 10th one but for an Alpha the amount of given content felt about right, in fact the size of the world you have access to far exceeded what i thought we would have been allowed and is the reason why I'm going to go back in and try it as the other two classes.

It's a thoroughly enjoyable experience that made me second guess my original expectations and I'm now definitely in no doubt as to what Bungie are going for. I hope the final product oozes the same level of class (it should - it is Bungie after all)

febzilla1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I played some more last night. I'm really excited about this game now.

bigbearsack1647d ago

Amazing! Erased any doubts - dis going to be a pre-order.

unjust751647d ago

This game is going to be amazing never thought it would be this good. It's like a cross between halo and Skyrim because of the RPG elements and the open world environments. I will be playing this game for awhile.

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