Sony Working on Unannounced PS4 Unreal Engine 4 Game with Real-Time Cinematics

We’ve seen plenty evidence of the level of visual fidelity provided by Unreal Engine 4, and apparently Sony Computer Entertainment is embracing it for one or more games, as revealed by a new career opportunity ad seeking a Senior Game Engineer.

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XiSasukeUchiha1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Damn real time cinematics crazy!

Like basically breathing real life.

Abriael1641d ago


You MUST be a bot.

YellowTempes1641d ago

he's probably jaden smith

mikel10151641d ago

Seriously, go to bed or go outside...SOMETHING

Whatever4Ever1641d ago

Here's a bubble for making me laugh:-D

Azumi1640d ago

Why do you people dislike this guy so much?


Basically because he's always making into the first comment, many times only to detract the comment section into off-topic Naruto talk, other times adding nothing meaningful really (like the youtube's threads usual "first" comment). Also tends to RP talk to himself (XiNarutoUzumaki).

MysticStrummer1640d ago

Since I'm not an anime or manga fan, he wouldn't be nearly as entertaining to me if all these people weren't so obviously bothered by him.

threefootwang1640d ago

I'm not sure why Xbox fans feel the need to troll on article like this. Don't they realize this is a good thing for them?

The more exclusives Sony creates, the more competition appears in the market, and that'll push MS to amp up those exclusives as well.

Afterall we want a healthy market so all fan groups can enjoy their respective consoles.

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GuruMeditation1641d ago

Real time cinematics in this context would be a cutscene that is rendered in-engine in real time, as opposed to pre-rendered CGI

Software_Lover1641d ago

So................. A cut scene? I've been seeing cut scenes since NES. They get better every generation. Nothing to make an article about.

GuruMeditation1641d ago

@software lover true, but as a general rule, pre-rendered cgi cutscenes have been a staple since the advent of 3d gaming. Such pre-rendered scenes have generally outpaced the graphical quality of the game engine by a fair amount. We're now in an era where this is becoming less and less common and I, for one, consider that a fair measure of our technological progress (in video gaming)

abc12331641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It's Dualshockers, they write articles about everything.

Neixus1641d ago

Have you played MGS:Ground Zeroes? that game have real-time cutscenes.

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smoothop1641d ago

Typical Sony announcing an unannounced game. They seriously need to start showing something, they can't rely solely on Naughty Dog for decent games.

torchic1641d ago

when did Sony announce this game? wtf is wrong with you people?

Omran1641d ago

are you blind that you didn't notice sony

showed at E3

Uncharted 4
Let It Die
The Order 1886

smoothop1641d ago

what have Sony got for 2014, Driveclub was supposed to be a launch game so it don't really count.

Codey471641d ago

Let It Die

Should be an Xbone title tbh



anticipates the oversensitive to take my comment serious as opposed to jest.

DigitalRaptor1640d ago

What has Sony got for 2014?

Well... so far they've had more games than the Wii U and Xbone.

And for the rest of the year, they have:

- LittleBigPlanet 3
- Deep Down
- PlanetSide 2
- DriveClub
- The Last of Us Remastered
- inFAMOUS First Light
- Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
- Entwined
- Lots of indies.

hello121641d ago

Sony showed off lot of cinematic trailers at e3. The games looked great, but you can see what was cinematic footage.

Order, bloodborne, even uncharted were cinematic.

Uncharted was clearly a cut scene the way the camera moved right, past the bushes, showing the skulls than.

GarrusVakarian1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"Uncharted was clearly a cut scene "

No, it wasn't. Corrine Yu (who used to work at 343i, and is basically the reason why Halo 4 looks as good as it does) has told us it wasn't a cutscene. It was in REAL TIME, in a real level in the game, running on a PS4. How many times does that need to be confirmed before you guys accept it? The UC4 denial is strong.

The camera moving "past the bushes" means can record a match on Halo(and countless other games) and then move the camera around freely in theatre mode afterwards, so does that mean the entire match you just played is a cutscene? Devs have the access to move the camera wherever they want using their dev tools, it's how gameplay trailers are made.

MysticStrummer1641d ago

Bloodborne was CGI.

That's 1 out of 3 for you.

Keep educating yourself and you can get better! :D

Omran1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

oh so micro didn't showed
any cinematic trailers

* face palm

ger23961641d ago

Get your nose out of Microsoft's ass and you might see a little clearer.

blackout1641d ago

Uncharted was running on PC. And it was a cut seen. No gameplay coming out of any of Sony's exclusives except for The Order.

GarrusVakarian1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


Nope, you're wrong. All you're doing by saying things like that is giving compliments to the devs who's games are making you believe they are CGI, and running on PC's, lol.

And before you say "well of course Naughty Dog are going to say that!", remember who Corrine Yu is, who she used to work for, and what she's done in the past.

pyramidshead1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Bloodborne was the only CGI trailer out of those you listed.

The Order is playable CGI

Uncharted 4 clip has been confirmed to be not pre-renderd CGI but real-time running on one PS4. Not a render farm like they would have originally used. Doesn't matter if it was a cutsscene or gameplay, the fact it's REAL-TIME is the important part.

Please educate yourself before you spout nonsense into the frenzy.

Edit: you can also find leaked gameplay footage of Bloodbore too and it's already set up to be yet another graphic showcase. Only, on PlayStation 4.

djplonker1641d ago

I clearly remember seeing gameplay in the order trailer its not like halo 5 had a cgi trailer..... oh wait it did!

sic_chops1641d ago

Can knws get banned already. All she does is spread false information. She be drinking that haterade big time.

Sevir1641d ago

Cinematic is the presentation, which means movie like... What you meant to say was CGI and even then you're only 1/5 correct. The Debut announcement trailer for Bloodborne was the ONLY CGI prerendered trailer, every last one of their AAA exclusives shown was running on PS4, either Playable or Real time rendered I in game footage...

The Order:1886 - Stage Demo Playable
LBP3 - Stage Demo Playable
Bloodborne Announcement Trailer - CGI
Let it Die - In game Real time trailer
Uncharted 4 - In game Real time trailer.

Scalebound - CGI
Phantom Dust - CGI
Crackdown - CGI
Halo 5 - CGI
Forza Horizon 2 - In game trailer
Sunset Overdrive - stage demo
Fable Legends - stage demo.

MS had more CGI on hand than Sony.

DigitalRaptor1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

We've seen all 3 games running in real-time and they all look tremendous.

The Order: 1886... real-time gameplay

Bloodborne... real-time gameplay (OLD). (NEW).

UNCHARTED 4... real-time gameplay

You are scared.

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monkeyDzoro1641d ago

Just shut up when you don't know what you're talking about.

MysticStrummer1641d ago

A job listing is a game announcement?


"They seriously need to start showing something"

You seriously need to start paying attention.

pyramidshead1641d ago

There's more games on PS4 than there is on Xbone.

Wake up.

JoGam1641d ago

Ummm, Sony didn't announce a thing. This will be considered as rumor.

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hello121641d ago

I like real time cinematics, in games, but building a game around numerous cut scenes, is not great.

More gameplay please.

Don't own a PS4, currently so it doesn't really matter really to me at this time. If the xb1 was doing this, i would not be happy.

zombie-fun5441641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

quantum break is cinematic game and halo 5 is cinematic too

Spotie1640d ago

It doesn't matter, but you make every opportunity to comment.


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