E3 2014: UFC Champ Johny Hendricks Doesn’t Understand Super Smash Bros.

UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks was signing autographs and taking pictures with gamers at the Alienware booth during E3 2014 in Los Angeles. We had a chance to speak to Johnny about some of his favorite video games, Super Smash Bros, and Chael Sonnen’s retirement.

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BattleAxe1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Neither do I.


Why are you copying me?

Flutterby1642d ago

I love Nintendo games , I have a 3ds and I had a Wii but sold it , I have a snes emulator on my Samsung note 3 , so this is not a fanboy comment but , I really don't get the popularity of smash brothers , I didn't like it on the n64 and I didn't like the new ones either I didn't like the Sony clone one either , I guess it's like vegemite.

BX811642d ago

Lol, same here. I played it once when I was younger and was like wtf is this? I don't get the like ability of that game. Then again I'm one of the few that loved the new medal of honors so chef don't judge!

mydyingparadiselost1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Also doesn't understand nerds (the candy), French and small dogs with clothing.

paleselan1642d ago

Well... I don't understand UFC, so...

JBSleek1642d ago

Don't get all defensive about it.

l-Mc-I1642d ago

It's actually really simple. The UFC or MMA is all about seeing who the best fighter in the world is. In MMA you're practically allowed to use any martial art that you find to be effective in hand to hand combat. For example in my opinion Anderson silva is the the best martial artist/fighter the world has had the chance to witness. Look up a highlight and you'll see what MMA/UFC is all about. Now you should understand the UFC my friend.

kevinsheeks1642d ago

Good instruction my friend :)

The 10th Rider1642d ago

"The UFC or MMA is all about seeing who the best fighter in the world is."

I wouldn't say that. I would say it's a platform for martial artists/fighters to compete in a controlled environment to test their ability.

I've got years and years of experience in Taekwondo, Hapkido, kickboxing and Brazilian Jujitsu along with a dabbling in Karate, Judo, Kendo, Classical Jujitsu, Aikido and just about any martial arts weapon imaginable. I have a lot still to learn, but I know enough to know that nobody can know everything and everyone CAN be beaten. There isn't really a 'best,' only 'better than.'

mogwaii1642d ago

Its actually just a chance for meat heads with bad haircuts to see you has the smallest dick, truth be told.

scark921642d ago

UFC is amazing, very good!

LOGICWINS1642d ago

Didn't get my dad a "gift" per se for Father's Day since he never tells us what he wants, so Im buying him tonights card. Havent bought a UFC PPV since Velasquez vs. Lesnar. Im super excited!

Mills931642d ago

How a guy even gets disagrees for saying he's buy his dad tonight's PPV for fathers day

Enjoy it tonight ! Nice thought

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PurpatraitorMGS1642d ago

Dont understand it?

Too many kicks to the head i see! :D

PurpatraitorMGS1642d ago

Im kind of surprised by the disagrees.

scark921642d ago

He is a beast, has a mean punch!

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