Over half of Gametrailers Staff Fired after E3

"On Monday, digital content distributor Defy Media acquired Addicting Games, Shockwave and GameTrailers from Viacom. Today, those companies were struck by layoffs, according to the tweets of former employees."

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iamnsuperman1644d ago

Bad news but also not surprising. Gametrailers has always been an iffy one but lately there isn't much there. I liked Invisible Walls (typical video/podcast) but they got rid of it for some trailer show and some other shows which I still don't get (the camera never sits still). The Bonus Round is just odd and every show feels outdated since it is filmed quite some time before the last episode airs. Gametrailers needed a shake up

TheLyonKing1644d ago

Final Bosman
Mandatory Update
Let's all go to the trailers
gt countdown
pach attack.

All great quality stuff coming in weekly plus their reviews I find very fair, this is awful news nad I hope these talented people find a new place.

majiebeast1644d ago

Yeah dont forget popfiction. Just so many great shows and people who work there. Extremely sad to see this happen. Glad Kyle is safe but all the other folks like Justin Speer,Ryan Stevens and Daniel Kayser have been let go:(

xHeavYx1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Final Bossman? The dude was fun =/
Patcher will probably become Dualshockers new "insider"

monkey6021644d ago

Wait! So Kyle bosman is gone?! Aww man I hope that's wrong he was literally the most enjoyable thing about the site

Kingthrash3601644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

No more final Bosman?.
YouTube GT unsubscribing in 3. 2. 1......*click

sinspirit1643d ago

They started changing some things though. Like the forums kind of suck now. I used to go there often and they had something called the "Thread of Valhalla"(or something like that) where all the greatest threads were saved for people to read and some of them were absolutely hilarious.

sAVAge_bEaST1643d ago

Final Bosman, was the best.

gatormatt801643d ago

Anybody remember a few weeks ago when Pachter tweeted Gametrailers had been sold from Viacom? And then Gametrailers denied it and tweets that he was wrong, that he got bad info...

TheFanboySlayer1643d ago

soooo apparently Kyle Bosman is safe....check his twitter lol

TheLyonKing1643d ago

I want to point out that these shows aren't going but just making a point that by produce great stuff and reducing the staff may have an impact when the videos go out or even their quality.

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geddesmond1644d ago

Honestly I couldn't give a rats ass about this news. Never agreed with many reviews to games that I loved but they hated on and I'm subscribed to all main publishers channels on youtube for game trailers so no loss.
Lol Patcher didn't predict this one did he lol. As for the people who lost their jobs. It happens to a lot of people. What can you do. I'm not going to pretend to be sympathetic towards them trying to make myself look good. I don't know these people.


Exactly. Why does everyone cry in here. You got laid off. Get another job. Like ive said before too many of you are drinking estrogen these days. Its always a sob story in here.

PeaSFor1644d ago

hey, its not because i cry and eat ice cream while watching twilight in pyjama that a drink estrogen....

i was channel surfing while eating a sunday and got something in my eye, i swear.

garrettbobbyferguson1644d ago

So what you're saying is that because they didn't give your game a 10/10, you're fine with them getting let go from their jobs.

bauer0071643d ago

Actually Pachter did predict this happening! He tweeted it a month ago but GT tried to cover it up!

beerzombie1643d ago

I stopped watching too.very unprofessional they way they treated consoles like they were high scholars writing a blog. Good riddance.

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Syntax-Error1644d ago

The new shows suck. When Marcus and Shane left I kinda saw this coming. They knew what was on the horizon. Mandatory Update is dumb as shit. Elyse is hot, but the content sucks. I want gaming news NOT gaming news parody.

PeaSFor1644d ago

marcus and shane was two annoying jerkbags so good ridance, the only good show was mandatory update and final bossman.

bite me.

LonDonE1643d ago

I think since shane satterfield left the site just went down hill.
He did after all build it from the ground up! regardless of the fact that the dude was a bit of a douche bag still the way they got rid of him without so much of a send off was pretty disgusting!

Also the damn video player was terrible! if you select progressive mode and pick sd instead of hd the dam thing dont work and its been like that for ages! also after the new design i just started to hate the site! i used to love going on it atleast once a day but after shane left it went down hill and i stopped caring! the quality defo dropped!

The old classic layout was awesome then they went and ruined it, its a shame really i used to love going on that site and catching up on all my latest videos, but now its just so terribly designed!
I loved the old style when all the new videos were on the home page and had the mb sizes next to them etc

GenericNameHere1643d ago

I really like Geoff Keighley's work, but Bonus Round's format is horrible. Like you said, by the second or third part, they're already two-three weeks old, and not up to current media.

showtimefolks1643d ago

this use to be my favorite site, the forums were always so much fun. Than the update happened and everything just went downhill from there. Even though now the crew working at GT was great IMO, ryan stevens,Justin etc, but hopefully GT will get some much needed freshen up

Gamer19821643d ago

Problem is they dont get great trailers anymore the main reason people went there in the first place..

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Software_Lover1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

We have youtube.

edit: But it's always bad when someone loses their source of income.

MasterCornholio1644d ago

I didn't know you felt sympathy for criminals when they get caught. I wouldn't feel sorry for Drug dealers, slavers or thieves.

trickman8881644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

You knew what he really meant, and yet you decided to post something stupid anyway.

JBSleek1644d ago

Wow what an anal comparison to make...

mochachino1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I feel sorry for drug dealers, as long as they're not selling to kids they shouldn't go to jail for adults choosing to do drugs.

Alcohol is a drug, you don't blame the liquor store for making the alcoholic.

Drugs should just be sold and regulated by the government, it would eliminate the debt in no time!

Would save trillions on policing and jailing too.

MasterCornholio1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I was just kidding.


Looks like no one is capable of detecting a joke here.

MajorLazer1644d ago

You're comparing apples and remote controls! I say remote controls because what you said has no relation at all to a person losing a legitimate job and thus I too had to provide an extravagant and ludicrous analogy in order to make my initial point clear!

Ashunderfire861643d ago

I won't feel sorry for you if you fall off a cliff for saying something stupid.

R00bot1643d ago

It's not the joke that was the problem, it's just not cool to joke about people losing their jobs.

MasterCornholio1643d ago

I'm so sorry. I really am. And if you think I enjoy being part of the unemployed labor force in Spain I don't. In really really truly sorry. How many more times do I have to apologize?

I'll never make a joke about this again. I'm so sorry.

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yellowgerbil1644d ago

gametrailers sucks anyways, and this is the internet, they didn't lose their job, they just need to spend 150 dollars, getting a new domain name and web hosting. Seems like they got all the people they need to create a new site, hell maybe they'll post tons of flamebait articles here like most other sites...

Papafynn1643d ago

You know nothing Jon Snow

1644d ago
coolbeans1644d ago

I'll admit my enjoyment with the site waned a couple years back. Still, hope those who've lost their jobs find a quick rebound.