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Submitted by Abriael 607d ago | news

Destiny PS4 Alpha Glitch Trolls Players Into Believing they Got the Full Game for Free

Games in their alpha testing phase have glitches. At times they’re frustrating, at times they’re funny, and at times they make you think you found some special loophole that doesn’t exist. This is the case with one surfaced on Destiny‘s public alpha, that made many believe they somehow received the full game for free. (Destiny, PS4)

CaptainFaisal  +   607d ago
you can pre order the game "for free" , Its like a trick , if you have a ps4 you can pre order destiny at anytime, then they WILL deduct 69.99$ 1 day before release. The trick is you get to play the beta on july 17 because you " Pre-Ordered" the game :P . I know this is wrong but im actually going to buy the game ^^ this is for the people who didnt get a chance to play the alpha . "Amazing alpha btw , loved the gameplay and it was extremely polished! You will have a blast"
pedrof93  +   607d ago
I have to say the game is fantastic, It's a borderlands kind of game with halo mechanics and its amazing !

Too bad the Alfa is capped at lvl 8.
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mattgdrums  +   607d ago
Perfect analogy of the game halo and borderlands combined, at first I thought this game wasn't special but you have to play it to see how good it is
serratos27  +   607d ago
That is exactly how I've been describing the game. It's taking both those games, built on top of an open world, and we get an amazing experience. I'm in love with even the Alpha, but I can't wait for the full game :D.
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ABizzel1  +   607d ago
I've been saying it looks like Halo meets Borderlands for the longest, and people were acting like that wasn't a good thing. Now that I'm playing it, it's exactly what I expected which is a good thing -_-
ShinMaster  +   607d ago
Some of the bosses have WAY TOO MUCH health.
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   607d ago
It caps out at lvl 8? I found weapons and equipment at lvl 10 & 11 I was hoping to try out :(, even ran into lvl 20+ Fallen, who kicked my @$$ pretty hard. It was kind of funny, I was exploring one of the underground areas saw about 4-5 of them (lvl ???). Now, even catching them by surprise, throwing in grenades, and my special power, they all just turned around and lit me up like they were a firing squad.
kingdom18  +   607d ago
And its those RPG elements that are exactly why I am loving it.
cyclindk  +   607d ago
I agree with the analogy, but never cared for the borderlands style enemy spawn mechanics.
Marcushazard  +   607d ago
Have we figured out I all our characters/levels/items will be transferred to the beta and full game? I've tried to find the answer, but to no avail.
Nitrowolf2  +   607d ago
aren't pre-order locked in though???
CaptainFaisal  +   607d ago
Nope i can cancel at anytime
HugoDrax  +   607d ago
Speaking of pre orders! Although I own a launch PS4, have Destiny Alpha, check out this email I received today from Amazon :-)


We have good news! One of your pre-ordered items is now eligible for release date delivery and has been upgraded at no additional charge. Your new delivery estimate is:

"PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle"
Estimated arrival date: September 09, 2014

Please visit Your Account ( for the most up-to-date delivery information about this order. If there are other items in your order, they'll be shipped according to the delivery estimates listed in the order details in Your Account at no additional cost.


Customer Service Department
============================= =
Check your order and more:

Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

White VITA1000, White PSPGO, White PS4 :-), I guess I'll buy the white Sony headset to differentiate it from my XB1 XO7 Turtle Beaches. Trust me, I've tried using my them playing Destiny Alpha yesterday, and they did not work :-(
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mr233  +   607d ago
I can't speak for other stores, but iv'e cancelled preorders from Best Buy and Amazon with no problem. And they don't bill you for the game until its about to ship.
Debaitable  +   607d ago
Is it safe to say it's what I imagined Borderlands should have been? If so, Day 1!
ShinMaster  +   607d ago
How so? I like Borderlands' skill trees.
arkard  +   607d ago
I wouldn't count on it, I haven't been in a beta yet that transferred to the full version. It's not fair to give that advantage over people that's don't play till launch.
iiorestesii  +   607d ago
Its not that much like borderlands. More like mass effect. It takes elements from just about every FPS out there. It is aws.
Codey47  +   607d ago
GREAT games for free AWAITS.

Looking forward to Destiny.
blackout  +   607d ago
NOT A PS4 FAN AT ALL. But i bought the system cause this gen i will not mis out on any game coming that grabs my attention. So happy i woke up this morning and the alpha was there for the download. Have to say can't wait to play this on my x1, this game is going to be massive. Online, co-op. Xbox One & P4 forever. Enjoy gaming.
Rhezin  +   607d ago
LOL the mentality of some people. YOU'RE A FAN NOW since you bought a $400 system.
SpinalRemains138  +   607d ago

He's saying he hadn't thought about owning one because he's not a fan. Destiny happens to be a system seller for him. If Destiny didn't attract him, he still wouldn't own a PS4. No?

He's a fan of Destiny and not so much PS4.

What's wrong with that?
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Clown_Syndr0me  +   607d ago
Not really, Im not a huge fan of the PS4 but I own one and play it far more than my Xbox. Why? Because all my friends have one, and Im not going to miss out on playing with them.
I like the console, and the games just prefer my Xbox.
Gohadouken  +   607d ago
But if he owns now , that makes him a fan , whatever the degree and the reasons .

You dont need to be a fanboy or specifically pro any camp to be a fan .

If true , he bought it for titles he can't miss ... isnt that the same than many people ?
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Antnee534  +   607d ago
You know your a respectable X box fan u stated u didn't like ps4 in a civil manner. That's quite rare amongst the X box community, so thanks for being civil :)
Gohadouken  +   607d ago
You could have done without the "rare amongst the x box community" part . Those feuds start but assuming one camp of fan , is worse or better than the other
Boody-Bandit  +   607d ago
Personally I do feel one side is worse than the other.
StealthPandemic  +   607d ago
You're bad too. You're accusing someone. That can be said for anyone.
Blacksand1  +   607d ago
You could've waited for the X1 version. If you not a PS4 fan.
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XtraTrstrL  +   607d ago
LOL @ super troll message.
joab777  +   607d ago
The level 6 strike team mission is insane for a low level dungeon of sorts. If this is any indication of the full product, which it is, I am sold.

Now giv us a chat box so we can atleast shout to others.
fenome  +   607d ago
Seriously though, that's a good chunk of gameplay on one common goal. That's just a strike mission too, they haven't even showed a raid in public yet. Raids are supposedly up to 4 hrs of hardcore squad sh!t. I'm loving this game so far, haven't even visited the Crucible, don't even care.
azure1990  +   607d ago
Lol trolls -_-. But I didn't notice that
mattgdrums  +   607d ago
Will play this on my ps4 and the halo master chief collection on the xbox one, bungie ftw
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Rhezin  +   607d ago
@ spinal. I don't know about you, but I become a fan when I make the decision to shell out that much money on something. Unless he or you have a grip of money. It seems pretty stupid to me to spend that much on a system just to get into a beta a few weeks or months early. Maybe he should try out some of the games on ps4 before he starts his sentences with NOT A PS4 FAN AT ALL, then goes on about owning one. LOL
blackout  +   607d ago
DumbAss did you miss something. I said "NOT A PS4 FAN AT ALL, But i bought the system cause this gen i will not miss out on any game coming that grabs my attention.

You have to read before you make yourself look stupid. Both systems will have games that everyone wants (Yes there will be games that the fellow ps4 fans wants that are only on the x1 and vice versa) and i wont miss out. It's called being a gamer. Last gen i missed out on some games (360 had me tied up). I will never buy a system for One game let alone a alpha. Be fans of the games and the DEVELOPERS. Support the rock stars of are gaming world (Developers).
SpinalRemains138  +   607d ago
That's the problem!

The blind devotion solely based on your purchase, rather than your time enjoyed through gaming on it.

If I buy a Corvette, I'm still not a fan. I hate the way they feel when driving them.
extermin8or  +   607d ago
Then why the hell would you buy a corvette. ..
sungin  +   607d ago
so console gamers fine with this ? i mean they laugh at the pc games due too some uncompleted games.but as long the game on consoles its fine !!!
uth11  +   607d ago
it's alpha. That means expect it to be broken
Vaud-Villian  +   607d ago
It's not even broken, it's just limited
annus  +   607d ago
An incomplete alpha?! Truly outrageous!
jdiggitty  +   607d ago
It's ok, man. I'm pissed it's not coming to PC too.
SoulSercher620  +   607d ago
Do you know what "alpha phase" means? I don't think you do.
extermin8or  +   607d ago
Damn... double post ffs
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extermin8or  +   607d ago
Its also free...
Ozmoses  +   607d ago
I've been having a blast with the alpha.. It's so refreshing and hard to believe it's only the alpha version..

It kind of makes you wonder what the hell these other developers are doing with their resources.
smoothop  +   607d ago
You have to take into account that this will be one of the most expensive games ever made. If it wasn't looking pretty polished they ought to be ashamed. To be fair Destiny should be one of the best games ever made and if its not, then its a failure.
Swiggins  +   607d ago
Yeah, Destiny is very impressive, I don't think anybody is going to dispute that (other than perhaps jealous fanboys), but when you look at the sheer budget of the game (an upwards of $500 Million) it's not hard to understand why.

Loving Destiny so far, easily my most anticipated game of the year now. Bring it on!
Neonridr  +   607d ago
in all fairness the term "Alpha" is pretty loose and subjective. I mean we will be getting Beta access next month. The difference between an Alpha and a Beta is pretty significant, yet this game should be getting near the finishing touches stages if it hopes to launch in September. The Beta is basically just going to be what we have seen already with more content to be accessed. Higher level caps, more missions, maybe an extra world to discover..

That being said, this game is awesome and I agree it has been a blast to play. I never played Borderlands, so this style of game is quite new to me.
HaveAsandwich  +   607d ago
I have an extra destiny ps4 alpha code, if any of you resolution trolling fps obsessed bastards want it.
stealthkiller24  +   607d ago
i couldn't care less about resolution but id love to try the alpha if you're serious about that code.
Omar91  +   607d ago
I love destiny so far my only concern is how frequent the enemies spawn during single player. Also I hope there will be more diverse missions throughout the game. Right now single player seems a bit dull and empty (besides the 1 min enemy spawns). Hopefully there are more missions that require more then just shooting enemies and also more diverse enemies
Stapleface  +   607d ago
The game runs great for being in Alpha. I do question having those ?? level enemies in there where my hits do ??? damage when the level cap is 8. I'm guessing it's probably left over from their own time playing without level caps. Fun game, after playing the Alpha, I'm definitely going to purchase the game. I was unsure before, but it's fun to play. Can't wait to see everything in the full game.
system22  +   607d ago
been playing the alpha today. its ok imo. maybe i need to get deeper into it. my mind isn't blown yet on any front yet (gameplay, graphical, other). i do like all of the character customizations tho. thats pretty cool. seems pretty solid for an alpha build as well.
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patsrule316  +   607d ago
I am really enjoying the alpha so far. I found a shotgun that had a 73 attack rating, plus had a fire symbol next to it. It was one shot killing a lot of people in the crucible, and then even somehow upgraded itself to an 81 attack rating.
The thing I haven't figured out yet, is what are Grimoire cards? I have received notifications that I found a whole bunch of them, but don't know how (if its possible) to use them, where I can see them, or what they are for. Has anybody figured out what they are?
Majin-vegeta  +   607d ago
For the Grimoire cards.You have to go to It says when you pick them up
patsrule316  +   607d ago
I know, but I can't find anything on about them, so I was hoping someone actually knew what they were.
Swiggins  +   607d ago
Sounds like you round a good weapon, if I remember correctly every weapon in the game can be upgraded through a tree of sorts, or maybe that's just for Exotic Weapons.

Grimoire cards can be viewed on the Alpha Website, no idea if they do anything in particular though.
Soldierone  +   607d ago
Question for those playing. What do I have to do to stop dying so fast? I keep exploding or getting one shot killed all the time.

It's super fun besides that, but I know that it's something I'm doing wrong.

I have the strongest armor and strongest weapons I could equip, and still feel like it is a dis advantage to me.
LogicStomper  +   607d ago
Soldierone  +   607d ago
Trying to, but it's literally people walking around a corner and getting one maybe two shots at me and either I die right away, or my armor is completely gone and half my health is gone too.
AnEwGuY  +   607d ago
Try not to suck so much?
Swiggins  +   607d ago
Sounds like you're playing Crucible, which is understandable.

Many players in Crucible have farmed some pretty high level gear (for the beta anyway), so that could explain it. I guess the best advice I can give is to watch your radar and use your special whenever you get it.

Out of curiosity what're you using in your 3 weapon slots?
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iiorestesii  +   607d ago
Morgue  +   607d ago
Kinda stinks this isn't releasing till September. Randomly came across 2 other players and it's pretty killer. Boring alone though.
jpepsi24  +   607d ago
hAHAH, tragic this is actually kinda funny
Triggytrolls  +   607d ago
It looks nice and feels great, I just found it boring :/
Jag-T1000  +   607d ago
Does this game require a monthly fee?
HaveAsandwich  +   607d ago
e-p-ayeaH  +   606d ago
Thankfully no
Drithe  +   607d ago
I love this game. It cant get out soon enough.
radiantmind  +   607d ago
I keep getting disconnected from the server every 5-10 min. I get different error codes. Longest I've been able to play is 20 min. A lot of fun though and will def pick it up.
busytoad  +   607d ago
The game is fing amazing so far. Reminds me of halo/world of warcraft/diablo. So far no bugs here. I Am pre ordering this game asap thats how much i love it.
R2K-ZYRON  +   607d ago
Wow Amazing Alpha
This game is *MOST GET DAY 1* for me, yes it does feel like a Halo/BorderLands. It looks real good for an Alpha, i do recommend playing it with friends just cause it makes it more fun. But overall i give this Alpha a 9.5/10
Knuckle Duster  +   606d ago
Love'n this game ! Had a ton of fun playing last night!
Psychonaut  +   606d ago
I am enjoy the Alpha build. My only issue is mic communication but I chalk that up to its just a ALPHA build. Once you reach the level cap at 8 you can enter multiplayer and work on quick leveling your guardian red points, and same goes for the getting items decoded. But since your a low level doing it the points add up more quickly since the game isn't scaling it with your leveling. That's the only real loop hole I found, yes you don't get xp but it does stack up those abilities so those levels still continue to level up since they are not directly related to your guardian.

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