Battlefield Hardline Beta Preview | Dorqs

The Battlefield Hardline Beta became available at E3 this week and I got to go in-depth (aka: crack out) with it after getting one of the elusive emails with a verification code for access to the PS4 version.

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joab7771645d ago

I enjoyed it very much. Ppl asked me who won E3 and I responded, "I have no idea but I am playing Hardline and Destiny tonight!."

Anyway, my concern for Hardline is that it doesnt offer enough of a new experience...maybe. Though if it runs smoother than B4, that may be enough. Problem is that CoD is gonna make waves this fall...big waves. Sledgehammer smartly outplayed their own ex company and took the HUD away. I dont think ppl realize what an impact this will have.

Add in the other competition, and Hardline may fall back a bit on ppls lists. The single player is actually gonna be very important going head to head w/ Kevin space, AC unity etc.

It is a great game and hopefully as we see more, it will begin to stand out...but im not sure. Why should someone buy this instead of B4.

Cra2yey31645d ago

It's a spin off, I don't like spin offs... Bring on bad company 3.