E3 2014 | Assassin’s Creed: Unity Improves Old formula

The Game Fanatics - In the E3 demo, the main character – a French assassin named Arno Dorian – exhibits the series’ mainstay parkour mechanics and crowd blending as he makes his way to a royal castle in the thick of a riot on the eve of the French Revolution. He is quickly joined by three other player controlled assassins on the way to the castle where the four of them effectively take out unsuspecting guards in tandem.

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sipale1648d ago

I've played all assassin's creed games except for black flag, and I was losing hope in the series after the third game. I felt like black flag was too big a departure from the original feel of the series and having seen the demo of AC:U, I really, REALLY want to believe this game will wash away my doubts and bring back the atmosphereand the feeling of mystery that I first fell in love with. Keeping my eyes open for this, but Ubisoft still has a thing or two to prove. Here's waiting for the reviews.

bixxel1647d ago

This game might just be the one to beat all other AC games...