Three more unannounced exclusives rumored to be coming to the Wii U.

Take this with a grain of salt, considering the source, but the person who previously leaked Devil's Third as a Wii U exclusive, has said that there are three more exclusives, which were originally multiplat/not exclusive just like Bayonetta's situation, waiting to be revealed in future Nintendo Direct presentations.

How likely could this be?
Considering the pick-up of Bayonetta 2 before this, it might not be so far-fetched.

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randomass1711642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Not surprising if it's true. Nintendo already stated they were interested in more third party partnerships, which is what people have been telling them to do for two years now.

edit: Just to add, I really hope no one complains this time. I'm tired of seeing people whine and complain because something is exclusive or going multiplat.

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

If the games are as high-profile as Bayonetta 2 was, then it's an inevitability that there will be complaints.
Me, I'll just keep an open mind and pray they're not sports titles.
Sports[well, MOST sports; I do play a few...] and tactical strategy games[I love Fire Emblem's story, but the combat just takes too long...] are the only two core genres that aren't really to my taste, but if any of them turn out to be action-adventures or RPG's with action-based/real-time battle systems, I'll be all over that.[might even consider turn-base, if it's got a way of making the turns go by quickly]

iamnsuperman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It wont be a sports title. All the major sports title would not go exclusive and any other sports title isn't worth having. Sports title generally control their respective market (like a monopoly)

If it is the same situation as Bayonetta then that is fine. There will be complainers but like people who actually bought Bayonetta those complainers will be extremely small in number

MrSwankSinatra1641d ago

Bayonetta 2 is not high profile, that first game didn't even sell all that great. A high profile game would be like Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Fallout 4, MGSV: The Phantom Pain, Grand Theft Auto V, etc...

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Think about this from a different angle, Swank;
Yes, the first game didn't sell well[ and honestly, I think that's criminal; it deserved better sales, in my opinion. Highly under-rated game], but that's beside the point.
What makes Bayonetta 2 different, and higher profile, is the following;

#1 It's coming from an IP that was formerly a multiplatform title with a small but passionate fanbase.

#2 The amount of advertisement and efforts to drive hype and excitement for the title, are much bigger than the initial release of the first game.

#3 Not only is the sequel exclusive, it's also bringing back the first game complete with brand-new constumes, at least one of which will be giving a new look to one of Bayonetta's weapons.[Katana = Master Sword]

Now, consider all of that, and take into account the huge reaction that the game got when it was first announced.

Negative or positive, all of those reactions brought the game PRESS.

It's not just a small-time announcement for Nintendo anymore; they're going out of their way to advertise this game and to make sure they work alongside Platinum to make it THE PREMIER ACTION HACK&SLASH OF THE WII U FOR 2014.

No matter how you look at it, the sequel isn't in the same low-profile category as the first game's release was.
It's now one of the most highly-anticipated releases of this year for the Wii U.

That makes it high profile, no matter how you spin it.

Edit: To the people who are disagreeing, how about you try offering up a response to consider?
If you can't do that much, then you're just painting yourselves as a salty bunch with nothing but blind hatred for the sequel.[or hatred of me, whichever applies]

elninels1641d ago


Those are of monolithic status, high profile might be more along the lines of dragon age, dishonored, ni no kuni... something like that.

Neonridr1640d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman - very well said, couldn't agree with you more.

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Dark111641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

My guess is one of them is Ni-Oh from Tecmo Koei.

The 10th Rider1641d ago

Maybe Shadows of the Eternal as well.

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago

I would be ecstatic if they managed to save Shadows of the Eternal!
I still own Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem...

BlackWolf1641d ago

That would be nice. Imagine if it got rebranded as an official sequel, part of the Eternal Darkness series... Oh, that would be good.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1641d ago

that a spiritual successor to an IP they own Eternal Darkness so it not needed.

Neonridr1640d ago

I remember the devs saying that had news to announce but couldn't at this time. Could very well be possible considering Nintendo did renew the trademark for Eternal Darkness last year.

Regardless of Dyack's involvement what they showed looked very nice and I would love to see a true sequel to ED.

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Dubaman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I have a feeling it may have something to do with Shenmue. Only the first game was an exclusive after all and the relationship with SEGA at the moment would make a 90s kid's head explode and implode simultaneously.
I've heard there are rumours that Sony may have some interest in the series but if it came down to a simple choice of one or the other, why would SEGA choose Sony over Nintendo? Obviously it's not that simple and money will be a major factor. Though considering Nintendo has the Miiverse, social integration and a pretty robust online system, why not an MMO style Shenmue? That's something that Nintendo doesn't have and they said they were branching out into new genre's.

Just a thought.

EDIT: Then again, there is Minecraft too..some exclusive edition maybe...

eyeofcore1641d ago

Nintendo is somewhat close with Tecmo Koei and Itagaki is former employee of Tecmo Koei so if Itagaki has still some contact with few Tecmo Koei employees then it could be beneficial with Nintendo since first Nintendo is co-developing Hyrule Warriors with Tecmo Koei and is fully funding it and allows the game to be published by Tecmo Koei in Japan then second is that Devil's Third is being fully funded and published by Nintendo. I reckon that Ni-oh could be project...

Another one could be Cry On from Mistwalker and Nintendo funded and published the Last Story.

That's two games that I speculate could one of those exclusives, its just a guess. Pure speculation and NeoGAF thinks the same.

eyeofcore1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


Original Bayonetta sold over 2 million copies/units on HD Twins, it was not a smash hit that you are used too and not many games actually become multi million sellers, a good game is not defined by sales and Devil May Cry games didn't sell much better than Bayonetta to be honest.

Devil May Cry 4 sold almost 3 million and was released nearly two years before Bayonetta and its reboot barely break one million. So Bayonetta is not far from DMC4 and not bad for a new IP.


What's with disagrees and specially disagrees on Wonderfulmonkeyman's response/reply to MrSwankSinatra? Oh god, its funny how some people are really salty and inmature. Specially when someone is being factual and does not share same double standards as them. -_-"

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

A good point; Devil May Cry, despite not being a super-seller, was still a reasonably high-profile release.
To this day, I'm still a fan of the first and third games, and as far as I know, the third one is still highly regarded as the best in the series, and one of the best hack&slash games of the PS3 generation period.

It only supports my argument further; Bayonetta 2 isn't a low-tier release for Nintendo.
Despite whatever level of profile the first Bayonetta was at release, it's sequel is unquestionably and undeniably a high-profile release, due to the circumstances behind the way it came to be[fully funded exclusive], alongside its new features, the fact that it's bringing back the first game with new costumes, and the amount of press that reactions to it brought about when it was first announced.

In any case, I'm still greatly looking forward to it; it's been far too long since I've danced with my favorite witch.^_^

And as for the disagrees, don't worry about it; there's probably still quite a few people who are trying to downplay Bayonetta 2 due to being upset over its exclusivity.
That and a possible hatred of me [or the console itself, whichever applies] is more than enough for me to expect some disagrees on this site.XD

Ark_1641d ago

Friend, although it would be polite to consider your well written post/s with a response, you can not expect people to explain every single "Agree" or "Disagree" with an explanation.
And to call a "Disagree" blind hatred is a bit over the top in itself. Hatred is a harsh word.

Btw I agree with you on Bayonetta being a high-profile exclusive, especially for fans of hack&slash games. I hope Nintendo goes further down that road of securing surprising exclusives for their console and its fans. It's not the multiplats which makes a system special and worth owning.

DC7771641d ago

2 million is actually really good for a new ip and relatively unknown game.

KonsoruMasuta1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Curious to see what these are. I'm trying to think of some games that were shown but never made it to release.

Nintendo seems interested in saving projects that were on their way out. Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third would have never existed if it Nintendo didn't step in. I assume they're going to keep this pattern up.

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago

I hope they do.
AAA third parties thus far have shown that, for the most part, they're either unwilling to do their Wii U ports justice, or they just don't want to try making a game period.

In lieu of that, snagging exclusives is really the best hope Nintendo has of making their third party support grow and flourish.[outside of the notably great indie selection, that is. Can't wait for Shovel Knight this month!]

weekev151641d ago

Yep so Shadow of eternals seems like an obvious one. Maybe Beyond good and evil 2? Wouldnt surprise me to see more ubilove. Ni-oh also seems a good bet though.

bass4g1641d ago

Now you say it beyond good and evil 2 would make a surprising bit of sense. Ubi have started to drop support for the wiiu it would make sense for nintendo to pay for a big name ubisoft exclusive made by a dev team already familiar with the wiiu. Now will it happen? I doubt it but it is possible.

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