Watch_Dogs - Mod Enables Dynamic Shadows From Cars Headlights

DSOGaming writes: "Guru3D’s member ‘TheWorse’ has released a new version of his mod for Watch_Dogs that introduces dynamic shadows from the headlights of all cars. This is a graphical feature that was missing even from the E3 2012 build of Watch_Dogs, and it was a feature that its absence annoyed some GTA IV fans."

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elhebbo161644d ago

First they implemented the bloom from the E3 demo, now the dynamic shadows for cars. Modders are a force to be reckoned with. Embarrising though that they are doing all the work that Ubi should've done in the first place for the PC version.

RevXM1643d ago

Agreed it is weird how some games need modders to re-implement features from old builds and demos of games.

Have UBI even explained why this is with Wd?
To me it seem like they scrapped the next gen version from 2012 and just scaled up the Ps360 versions later on with a thin layer of shiny and more objects on screen.
Instead of scaling it DOWN from the E3 showing in 2012 it looks more like it happened the other way around.

DoomeDx1643d ago

I think they did that because they didnt want the PS4/Xbone versions to look absolete compared to the PC version.

0ut1awed1643d ago

It's the difference between greed and passion.

hay1643d ago

Parts of the code weren't optimized and produced problems or sufered from significant time requirement(to process the data). That's what modders try to fix.

mogwaii1643d ago

Should of done for every version, perhaps part 2

AndrewLB1643d ago

This just proves that Ubisoft didn't want to upset Sony and Microshaft by releasing the PC game will all these features because it would make the "next gen" consoles look really bad.

Hidden and disabled features I now have working on my PC...
- Dynamic Shadows/lighting
- Fully rendered rain
- Fully rendered splashing
- Proper depth of field
- dynamic fire
- non scripted explosions
- Alpha-to-coverage (greatly enhances trees)
- More accurate shadow filtering
- bloom
+ all the additions in TheWorse's mod.

elhebbo161643d ago

There is really no other explanation that I could think of.

tee_bag2421643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Is that all from this mod? Do you think you could link me?

christrules00411643d ago

To bad I can't get SweetFX to work with Windows 8.1 64 bit. It crashes because windows 8.1 doesn't work with Direct X11. I can get it to work with Far Cry 3 by changing it too DirectX 9 but I don't even have a choice with Watch Dogs.

ATi_Elite1643d ago

It's a multi-plat so Ubisoft DUMB DOWN Wash Dogs so the PC version wouldn't totally KILL the PS4/XB1 but just cripple those consoles during comparison videos.

But after a few great moves by the EXCELLENT MODDERS out there Wash Dogs PC looks a whole lot better.

I expect an IceNhancer Mod for this and some MP Mods before I put anymore time into it.

*Wash Dogs is not a typo.

user56695101642d ago

When are they going to release the patch this game has been out for a min already

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calidredz1643d ago

Ok where should I start, I am an older gamer. I remember my atari 2600, I am at the point I may buy ten games a year vs the 150 I had when I owned a gamecube, xbox and PS2. This game was the most disappointing over hyped that I can recall in years. The only point I can make is spend ur money wisely and judge all games for urself. I am tired of being duped by hype and media and I fell for it here.

ColeMacGrath1643d ago

This is why I stay away from getting games OR consoles at launch day, one thing you should at least do is check reviews (with enough credibility of course) of the game you're interested in before you make a purchase.

himdeel1643d ago

This is why I only get certain games if I can get them discounted.

Muzikguy1643d ago

I'm an older gamer as well. I bought WD and it definitely wasn't because of the hype. I lost all that knowing about the downgrade and seeing gameplay. I will say that the game is a disappointing IMO. I play it but not for very long.

What gets me is we have GTA5 being re-released soon and it's going to blow the socks off of WD visually. I've got a lot of criticisms for WD and Ubisoft dealing with the game but I won't get into that here(no fire hydrants?!). I just wonder what they were doing with all that time that they had, and why it's so much worse than a GTA game. You know they played them before.

Anyway.... I bought the game just hoping for an interesting next gen sandbox title. I think it's just "ok". I definitely know how you feel with getting fooled. That happened to me a lot last gen so this one I'm being skeptical with everything

DragonKnight1643d ago

There are fire hydrants. I ran over at least 3 of them.

I personally enjoy the online aspect of Watch Dogs more than the single player campaign, only because it's funny to see another player run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying either to prevent you from even hacking them in the first place, or trying to find you once you have.

Muzikguy1643d ago

The online part is funny at times, I'll agree with that. Chasing someone around can get hilarious. Also, by not having hydrants I mean they're not as abundant as they should be. I run over tons of stuff all the time just for the hell of it and no hydrants. Just doesn't feel right

aliengmr1642d ago


There are fire hydrants, not a debate, its fact.

Muzikguy1642d ago

This is not a debate about fire hydrants. Go play GTA3 and then watch dogs and tell me the difference. There are more in a GTA game, and they actually shoot out water (in WD it barely goes over your head). I was using it as an example between the 2 games. Lighten up. Maybe it was a poor example but it was the first one I could think of at the time

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ISNeko1643d ago

Every game is better with modding.

Even if it was already perfect.

christrules00411643d ago

I agree games can be made better with modding. But if it's already perfect how can it be made better? I mean the definition is "having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be." There wouldn't be any room for improvement. =P

ISNeko1642d ago

If the game has come out and fully realized its vision and done so with master performance and visuals then modding can find those personal perfections.

Example: a mod with hilarious hacking abilities like making someone's clothes explode off their body like a cartoon or changing the steam pipes to instead spew yogurt!

Moncole1642d ago

But this game isnt perfect

kingduqc1643d ago

what's sad is that i's been done by a single programmer in a few weekend of work and they had 5 years to make that game with voer 100 people working on it.

Thanks consoles.

overlorduk1643d ago

The modders don't have to try and make the game run reasonably well on PCs with virtually infinite combinations of hardware, software, settings etc., as well as the consoles, and all within time and budget constraints. Of course the developers could do equally well, if not better, than the modders if they didn't have to worry about those things.

MaxwellBuddha1643d ago

And yet, modders HAVE made it run better.


kingduqc1643d ago

Stop making excuse for poor execution. Ubishit is so bad for pc gaming it's hilarious they fail every time.

christrules00411643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Modders don't have to worry about a whole lot of things that the devs do though. Sure they can change some graphical settings and make them look better. However they don't have to work with level design, character scripting, animations, random AI generation, AI crimes, when AI should or shouldn't call the police, police chases around the city when they split up and cut you off(pretty smart AI), not to mention this is a brand new IP and things such as basic design has to be thought out. Such as the side quests leading to perks or what hacks they can provide through out the city.

Tweaking graphical settings here and there compared to designing the game from the ground up is a huge difference in terms of work. Not to mention they had 3 platforms they were working on and got 2 more platforms dumped on them in February.

They had 5 years to make the game on 5 platforms. I would love to see people who make these claims do that actually make a game, design characters, make an entire city with nothing broken fully structured out. And learn what developers have to deal with.

Honestly devs are under appreciated for how much work it takes to do this.

EDIT : This was for the guys who responded to you.

hiredhelp1643d ago

Well im gonna give this ago you just gotta love appreciate modders.

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