Tech Analysis: Destiny alpha on PS4

EG - As its first cross-generation, multi-platform release, Destiny represents a huge undertaking for Bungie. With just a scant few months left until its release we still have yet to see the game running on anything other than PlayStation 4, leaving many questions hanging. Just how scalable is this engine? What level of performance will other platforms deliver? At the very least, things are looking up for the Xbox One version with the recent revelation that the updated Xbox One XDK allows Bungie to hit 1080p30 rather than the previously rumoured 900p. But in the here and now, it's all about PS4 - and based on the rich quality of the alpha code released this week, that's absolutely fine by us.

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MasterCornholio1648d ago

Looks like the game runs quite well on the PS4. This makes me happy.


Whitey2k1648d ago

Its an alright game its not the best ive played n u do get lonely so for everyone try before you buy! And im not being funny but if x1 is able to output 1080p just with that tiny increase im positive ps4 is able to achieve 60fps

Mr Pumblechook1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

"On PS4, the jump to full 1080p resolution makes a massive difference. With the focus on massive worlds filled with far-reaching detail, the move to a higher resolution dramatically improves the experience. "

I've been playing the alpha and it does look so amazing. I know some people say they don't care about resolution but I really think it benefits the game because the landscapes and enemies are so detailed giving a greater sense of reality and that helps immerse you into the game universe. But the look doesn't just come from technology, Bungie have made meaningful artistic decisions; Tumultuous skies and rich sunsets enhance the player emotions. I'm waiting to see what else the beta will show us of the but the final game of Destiny is going to be epic.

Phene1647d ago

Yeh whitey u gotta play with people or it's just not as fun. Can't wait for the beta, the alpha was such a tease.