Rumor: Tekken 7 coming this year?

Game director Katsuhiro Harada is planning to announce two or three titles this year, but is being coy about the possibility of the next Tekken game. However, with this December being the twentieth anniversary of the franchise, a release date announcement could be on the cards.

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Abash1617d ago

I dont think so honestly. And Tekken games spend some time being only playable in the Arcades before they hit consoles

fardan851617d ago

I hope so, but Tekken usually gets released for arcade first then head to console after a year or so.
Tekken is my fav fighting game & go to game everyday. If it comes to PS4 I'll be more than happy.

DarkLord10031617d ago

Is it just me or are you always the first one who comments on a new article??

elninels1616d ago

No its not you, I assume he's the Architect.

DEEBO1617d ago

Man i hope so,i play tekken revolution until my time is up almost everyday.

I street fighter but so much has change that it's feels cheap.Tekken to me has more depth.

Can someone tell me how to play tekken revolution without using up my premium tickets?

Hanso1617d ago

yeah buying Tekken Tag Tournament 2 lol

NiteX1617d ago

Plus Tekken Tag 2 is just a far far better game than Revolution.

DFogz1617d ago

If you want to play without using premium tickets, then you have to use the credits you earn automatically. (if you have those credits left and it's still using premium tickets check your options, I believe there's an option that forces premium to be used first)

You earn one every half hour up to a maximum of 5.
Which means you can play for about 15 minutes before needing to wait 2 and a half hours before you can play again.

I_am_Batman1617d ago

I can't get excited for Tekken anymore. Tekken 6 was awful imo. I haven't played Tag 2 though which is supposed to be a good game. I also have to disagree that it has more depth than SF. Tekken has a much more forgiving system and timing isn't nearly as tight as it is in SF from my expirience. They are both completely different fighting games though so you can't really compare them. I'm more of a fan of 2D fighting games but I wouldn't say no to a good Tekken game.

iSpeakTruth__1617d ago

Yesssssss please be true!!!!

Mikefizzled1617d ago

Tekken x Street Fighter maybe?

ironfist921617d ago

My guess is that the hype for that is passed, and there's alot of negativiy in regards to Capcoms constant rehashes of SF as it is, you wouldnt want yet another SF game to come out.

I'd much prefer a Mortal Kombat X Tekken game.

Soupaman661616d ago

Thats not what hes talking about. Theres street fighter x tekken which is street fighter gameplay with tekken characters and theres tekken x street fighter with is tekken gameplay with street fighter characters.

ironfist921616d ago

^Yes, thats what I meant.

There have been so many iterations of SF4, do we really want yet another game with SF characters, and would Capcom want one so soon, considering it'll cannabalise their financial return with 2 different SF games.

MegaRay1617d ago

Hopefully but doubtful :/

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The story is too old to be commented.