The Order: 1886 at E3 2014: More Than Just Gears of War in the Victorian Era | MediaStinger

MediaStinger: "The Order: 1886 was a standout PlayStation 4 exclusive revealed at last year’s E3. We haven’t seen much regarding the game since last summer, and at Sony’s E3 Media Briefing this year, they again teased gamers with a visually-stunning look at how Ready at Dawn Studios is seamlessly merging cutscenes with gameplay."

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MasterCornholio1643d ago

Glad to hear that. The game looks great in my opinion. I knew people were being silly when they bashed the game due to minutes of gameplay footage that had QTEs in it.

Grown Folks Talk1643d ago

Amazing how when I made the Gears comparison based off early gameplay footage, I was marked for trolling. Appears I wasn't the only one with that initial impression. As i've said previously, I need to see more. Hopefully it has more depth than Gears, which I never finished.

Einhert1643d ago

Third Person cover shooter =/= Gears of War.

The whole third person cover shooter was around LONG before Gears of War was even a concept.

Personally this game and Bloodborne are the titles that are going to make me pick up a PS4.

Only thing that concerns me is the game might be to short and a bit linear.

Grown Folks Talk1643d ago

I'm not saying Gears is the originator, but it's one of the more recent high profile titles. The themes are not where my comparison comes from, but the way it plays (at least in footage i've seen) gives me that same feel.

chrissx1643d ago

The Order is a must play title. Looks really impressive

BitbyDeath1643d ago

Game is closer to Uncharted than Gears.
Gears is a 3rd person shooter with aliens.
Uncharted is a 3rd person shooter with supernatural elements.

That is about all they have in common.

Grown Folks Talk1643d ago

Style of play is similar, not the theme. But maybe there's platforming in The Order we haven't seen.

MasterCornholio1643d ago

Does Gears play badly?

Then I don't know why people are assuming that The Order 1886 will play horribly since its similar to Gears in terms of gameplay.

Grown Folks Talk1643d ago

Can't speak for others. I never said it was bad, just similar. That could just be down to how that particular person was playing.

incredibleMULK1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

uncharted has bright and vibrant colors and is more tropical environments. Gears and order are dark and gritty. All three are awesome franchises.

I can't wait for this game though. This is my most anticpated Sony game. Infamous ss was.. but turned out to not be as good as the first one in my opinion.

I am disappointed deeply that order doesn't have competitive multiplayer and/ or campaign co op. That is one thing i wish sony would work on. Us Americans like playing together, beating games on insane mode and having private conversations about all kinds of shit. Sony doesn't get that. They are a samurai culture living in solitude meditating. We are social butterflies. Give us our campain co op and team teathmatch. I guarantee if they did that they would have big enough sales to make this a regular franchise every two years and make a critical blow to microsoft. This is microsoft's strength they put multiplayer and co op in every game even the crappy ones. And its smooth.

Other than that i'm exited about the game because i know makng gears type games are possible.

Plus I wish this game takes place on another planet like gears and mass effect. I don't like alternate universes. Look how resistance turned out...boring and goofy. A fictious alien war in the fifties i never heard about.

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The story is too old to be commented.