Destiny Alpha First Impressions

So it’s no secret that Bungie launched a Playstation 4 only alpha for their newest game Destiny, and that they were looking for devoted fans to become players in the Alpha. Here at Gamers Sphere, we got lucky enough to be a part of this Alpha-beta. Join ChemicalxRachel as she discusses her first impressions of Destiny.

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Grave1647d ago

I should've never played it. Now September feels like it's 10 years away.

LetoAtreides821647d ago

Thanks, it's sounding good to me. I gave my alpha code to someone else because I'm too busy enjoying Watch Dogs. I'll try the closed (or is it open?) beta next month.

Jsoc1647d ago

I like the game so far, but I did not have the same problems she had. Loading times where quick and I found a lot of other players doing roaming and single player. It does have a halo feel to it and borderlands . Can't wait for the beta next month just to see what gets added or taken out...

Shadonic1647d ago

The absence of players is actually a bug that people have been experiencing. It might also be linked to different characters as my younger brothers hunter did not experience it but my warlock did.

dodgemoose1647d ago

Loving this alpha. Most definitely going to be purchasing the final game on release as long as most of the reviews are positive.

Wolfbiker1647d ago love the game, yet youre going to allow other peoples opinions sway your purchase? come on man...dont be a slave.

dodgemoose1647d ago

I repeat, 'Loving this alpha'. I have not played the final game and do not know how much content is available, whether bosses/missions will get repetitive, and so worth. Therefore, no, I'm not going to pre-order it. I'm going to wait for the people who get paid for a living to review games to tell me whether what I experience in the alpha, and later the beta, truly reflects what's available in the game as a whole. If that makes me a 'slave', then okay. I'd rather be cautious then pre-order a game, with no incentives to do so, simply because I couldn't demonstrate any kind of self-restraint.

incendy351647d ago

Maybe they could let us control the ship during loading so we have something to do. They weren't terribly long but long enough to get bored.

Shadonic1647d ago

I usually use that time to prepare and make sure im ready for battle. Wouldnt worry about the loading that much since its an alpha.

incendy351647d ago

True, plus once it is on Xbox you can just snap TV or twitter.

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