Nintendo's E3 2014: You're Buying a Wii U Now, Right?

"Last year Nintendo dressed its developers up in cat ears and paraded them in front of a huddled group of attendees at its booth rather than have a press conference at E3. This year, it didn't even do that much.

I thought that might mean it had nothing especially good to announce, but given the strength of what we saw on Tuesday morning's Nintendo Direct, I'm disappointed there wasn't a big, flashy conference to go with it. I would have loved to have been in the room when that Zelda reveal happened. Instead I was watching the stream in a hotel lobby, and had to content myself with grabbing the arm of the person next to me and making a high-pitched noise."

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MNGamer-N1642d ago

You should. And you should enjoy top-quality Nintendo games that are some of the highest rated in the industry. Yet... it is so hard to convince people.

As a gamer at heart, looking and gaming - not brand loyalty, how can you not want to own all possible gaming platforms? And enjoy many different genres of gaming? Something I will never understand.

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MEsoJD1642d ago

This arrogance fans have of Nintendo games is sickening. I recognize and have enjoyed many Nintendo games, but they aren't gold. Nintendo doesn't fall under everyone's taste and there's nothing wrong with that. This true gamer mentality needs to stop because it comes off as elitist because not everyone has the time or money invest in all gaming platforms.

wonderfulmonkeyman1642d ago

You missed his point and used it as an excuse to call all Nintendo fans arrogant.
Way to go, bro. Really showing how fair-minded you are, there.

Berezau1641d ago

Totally missed his point. He very clearly stated that gamers at heart, not concerned about brand loyalty, will enjoy many different genres of gaming across all platforms.

The arrogance of Nintendo fans hey? Sounds like the arrogance and lack of reading by MEsoJD is the real concern.

Realplaya1641d ago

Let me explain our arrogance. When you have someone that comes out and says we don't release games that are buggy, don't look as advertised and will be traded in within 4 months you will stand behind that company. Then when you look at games that look 100 times better than when they were previewed ( MK8, SM 3DW and Pikmin are to name a few. You can def brag about a great game. You as a consumer should hope that your favorite game developer would give you the same type of games. Nintendo takes pride in there games and anyone who loves games should appreciate that.

JodyCones1642d ago

I always go for Nintendo and PlayStation consoles.

Guerrilla1642d ago

I always go for nintendo, sony, ms and pc platforms... everything else and you are a fanboy in disguise ;) (If it's a money issue no hard feelings though...)

JodyCones1639d ago

No it's just personal preference. You're not a fanboy for preferring a particular ecosystem. (PC as well by the way).

SuperBlur1642d ago

I will join the wii u bandwagon when timing is right and when that day comes i'll have soooooo many games to play , i'll have to call in sicks for a week or 2 haha

Zero-One1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I'm sure they will be good games. But (and this could be a big BUT) ARE THEY REALLY SYSTEM SELLERS? Comparing Devils Third, Xenoblade 2, and even Bayonetta to Metal Gear Solid 5, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, and even Destiny (going off of there pre-orders which broke records last month), I'd still say that PS4 and Xbone still has a lead in software.

ThePsychoGamer1641d ago

Because gamers have priorities when making purchases and the WiiU may not off things gamers want. Personally, I could never buy a game console that is region locked.(really this isn't all that different from those who wouldn't buy a console that restricts used games) There are other that want other things in a console, things like a universal achievement system or cross game chat.

That leads me to another thing That I can't support from a console manufacturer, that Nintendo douse, ignoring the fan base.

I will say that if we ever saw Nintendo shed this arrogance and start adding in features that gamers have been asking for, then I'd buy a WiiU.

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randomass1711642d ago

The thing is most of the complaints plaguing the Wii U since launch have since been dealt with, such as a lack of content variety and its OS (as far as I've been told). At this point I feel that if a person is not interested in Wii U, it's more than likely because the games it has does not appeal to them and not because there is necessarily anything wrong with the console.

Highlife1642d ago

The quick start menu is a life saver. I can't stand the WiiU os it's slow and clunky but the quick start menu is great.

randomass1711642d ago

I thought it was pretty smooth lol. But then my Wii U came AFTER the quick boot update, so I don't know what the OS used to be like in comparison.

Reeze1642d ago

I got my Wii U December 2012. It was pretty slow (especially going Home), but updates have since fixed this.

Metallox1642d ago

It's starting to look like a console with very fun games, and just fun games.

BattleReach1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


I have a N64, Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, 3DS and PS4. I'm fine this year.

randomass1711642d ago

Not to be a stooge, but half of those aren't getting new releases though.

BTBuck11642d ago

I didn't see a reason to buy a wiiU this e3... but I did see a reason to buy one the last two e3's but nobody did :(

I am thoroughly enjoying Mario Kart 8, DKC TR, Mario 3D world and Wind Waker HD, Pikmin etc.

But the new Zelda game coming up looks lackluster graphically, and the game with squids shooting paint all over looks fun but I wouldn't pay more than $15 for... I guess Bayonetta 2 is cool, but do I really buy a Nintendo for games like that when I have a ps4?

I feel like I got everything I want for wiiU after Smash bros drops... but who knows, hopefully those games they showed are way more fun than i perceived them to be, because right now I'm yawning at the thought of Yarn Yoshi's and Clay Kirby's.

KonsoruMasuta1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Most of the games they showed are early builds, which means they really tried to show as much as they can this year. This is the first time I've seen Nintendo show games that are nowhere near completion.

They confirmed that Splatoon would have more game modes and features when they get done.

They're trying to get Zelda to be playable at E3 next year, which means it probably won't release until the fall. You'll probably see more improvements the next time they show it.

Games like Mario Maker, StarFox, and Miyamoto's two other projects were all basically early builds in their basic form.

Also, what do you mean? They're really aren't any Bayonetta type games on PS4. Bayonetta is a pretty unique game.

BTBuck11642d ago

Well at least someone read my entire post and replied with some brains rather than clicking "disagree" after the first sentence. What I meant about Bayonetta was more referring to that was the types of games I bought on last gen ps/360 I don't typically look to a nintendo console for "hardcore" type games..

I usually look to nintendo for original type experiences, or cartoony cutesy or retro style games (platformers etc.)

I can assure you I'm not trolling, why else would I have Super Mario Sunshine as my icon pic and I praise Nintendo's current line up. I also have a red wii, and a yoshi 3DS... i'm a Nintendo guy.. But My post gets 14+ dislikes because I think what they have coming looks weak in comparison to what they have already released?

Sorry, I don't do the "blind faith" stuff.. Those games look pale TO ME. Hey maybe you guys think they're awesome, cool.. Honestly I hope to holy hell i'm wrong and they are the best games this gen, then we all win..

But as far as I was concerned, from my point of view and what My eyes and Mind told me watching e3...

Sony is where it's at for the most divers and abundance of gaming.

then Nintendo

and I guess Xbox is cool if you want even more Halo.

Summons751642d ago

Please tell me you're trolling...

Zelda graphically lackluster? It's been coined one of the best looking games at E3 this year. Splatoon is the most innovative shooter we've seen in years, and Bayonetta 2 is highly anticipated and comes with a free game which the Ps4 has no hack n slash game or will with the quality of Bayonetta (unless Capcom takes everyones advice and gives Devil May Cry to Platinum Games so it can be close to the originals) .

This year's E3 for Nintendo and definitely had something for everyone.

gamerfan09091642d ago

Wasn't that trailer all CGI? Unless I saw a different reveal then everyone else I apologize.

Summons751642d ago


The Zelda revel was in-engine which means that's how the game will look like if not better in a year n a half. CGI would be like the Dead Island 1 or 2 trailers, nothing in game just something to create hype for a disappointing game (at least in the case of the Dead Island 1).

DaPrintz1642d ago

You're not serious right? Zelda one of the best looking games at E3? You've gotta be joking. Right...Right?

ChickeyCantor1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


"one of the best "

Do you understand the context of what is being said?

It didn't say it's THE BEST. It said ONE OF THE BEST.
[One] among [others].

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Realplaya1641d ago

Did you really bash the Zelda trailer for lackluster graphics? What do you play?