Amazon Now Sending Out Destiny Alpha Codes

If you bought your PS4 through Amazon, you might be in luck to jump in on the Destiny Alpha Code release.

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incendy351645d ago

Really is fun, Bungie hit this out of the park. It is like an open world Halo MMO. It is amazing. Not much lore or story in the alpha, which is definitely missed but if they get that part right this will be a game for the ages.

Jughead34161645d ago

No, I'm glad they're not revealing much of the story. They have to save something for the actual release right? Giving us a taste of what to expect while not revealing too much. This game is amazing. It's so cool when I was out exploring, I seen another player pinned down by a group of fallen, then I ran over and helped him out. Then we joined up for the next hour. Really cool. Can't believe they achieved this level of visuals in an alpha

incendy351645d ago

Me too, just saying it is an important aspect to see before it can truly be judged. Loving everything they do have in the alpha though!

Hitman07691645d ago

Actually, I didn't buy anything and they sent me one anyways.

Psychotica1645d ago

I just pre-ordered it minutes ago an immediately got an alpha key.


I got my code from amazon this morning, downloading now. I tried the e3, twitter and bungie forum sign ups, all within 45 minutes of the original announcements for codes and never got one.

Anyway, can't wait to try this even though I'm definitely buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.