With Zelda and other great games, Nintendo can turn the Wii U around – just like the PS3

"Earlier this week, Nintendo did an impressive job revealing some important first-party games for the Wii U. Zelda and Sm ash Bros. are huge titles that will definitely sell systems, but what was most impressive was a number of mid-size announcements that really show off what the Wii U can actually achieve. If Nintendo can nail the execution of these games, the Wii U might actually turn around in 2015 — the Wii U could actually be in with a chance of standing alongside the Xbox One and PS4."

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iamnsuperman1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Except the issue is it has no third party support and Nintendo make Nintendo games (family over strong story based games).

This idea that Nintendo could turn things around has been around for a long time. Look at the 64 and the gamecube. Nintendo sold 33 million and 22 million respectively of those system and they were releasing interesting titles during those periods (some say the Gamecube showed Nintendo's creative side that has been missing for sometime). But these figures were dwarfed by its competitor.

Looking historically (and statistically) the Wii U is currently on track to sell Gamecube numbers or less. So I don't understand how it could be "in with a chance of standing alongside the Xbox One and PS4" when historically Nintendo has never been able to do that when they are in this position (which I think stems from the Wii lasting long after sales plummeted). All the time I see X with make Wii U sales pick up but that has never happened.

What is happening right now is echoing what happened with the Gamecube era. The best bet for Nintendo is to be creatively with what they have (like they did with the Gamecube)

wonderfulmonkeyman1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

You lost the point the moment you claimed it has no third party support.


The gamecube never had that push from independents, and it never had the benefit of a better online push, either.
The marketing for the Wii U is also slowly starting to become far better than it used to be, and certainly better than what the Gamecube had.

These are just a few small reasons amongst many as to why the Wii U is on track to recovery; lacking a few ports from AAA third parties, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN POORLY DONE SHIT PORTS ANYWAYS IF TRENDS ARE ANY INDICATION, isn't going to kill the Wii U off, let alone stifle it's chances.
Especially if Nintendo continues their initiatives to get great exclusives instead of ports.
It started with Bayonetta 2, now they've grabbed Devil's Third, and they've also revived Fatal Frame so it's only a matter of time until we see them delve into their back-catalog even more.

It's got more than a fair shot of getting up to the same level as the PS4 and XBone.
Which, frankly, is a good thing, so I'm confused as to why you're fighting so hard against the idea that it has any sort of chance at all.

Its upcoming catalog of games for this year and next, if properly advertised and pushed, could easily make the system gain enough public eye to start enjoying a much healthier sales trend.

It's not impossible. Only idiots think it's impossible after the great E3 they just had.

Th4Freak1646d ago

PSV is getting 10000 times more indie support than the Wii U and its not selling like hot cakes.

I'm sorry but the idea that indie games can push sales is ridiculous...

360ICE1646d ago

Please never use caps lock, unless it's for comedic purpouses.

Indies have yet to sell a console, as Vita and Ouya can testify to. Also, both Xbox One and PS4 are great in that department. PS4 already has a pretty serious indie library.

Even with MK8 just released, PS4 was boosted past Wii U by the non-exclusive, not THAT highly rated (not 90+) AAA game Watch Dogs. PS4 and Xbox One is going to get AAA games of this size and scope all the time, and while Wii U might get them eventually, there's no doubt which consoles people are going to buy to play these games.

Also, Wii's appeal was arguably very instantly identifiable. The console sold as much as it did, because people loved the concept. Wii U has clearly failed to pitch itself in the same way.

DaPrintz1646d ago

We should probably wait to see if Bayonetta actually sells before including it in any conversation. Platinum has a rough time selling on the other platforms let alone Nintendo.

Concertoine1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I've said this in a blog before, but the PS3 and Wii U comparisons make sense to me in a different way:

It was a time that both companies made some serious mistakes and the fans needed to voice their concern to improve the quality of the system. What i'm saying is, the Wii U's failure is an opportunity more than anything. An opportunity to show unwavering dedication to satisfying fans to attract new ones. When fans started to jump to Xbox and many complained about the PS3's certain design choices, Sony took it to heart and restructured their first parties, bought studios, made deals, and ended up selling a ton of hardware. They lost a ton of money but it paved the way for success with the PS4, where they are reaping the benefits of their PS3 dedication. The Wii U could serve as a middling financial success or even an outright failure with a boatload of consumer approval that could translate well to its successor.

Unfortunately i can't see Nintendo having the balls to do this.

dedicatedtogamers1646d ago

3rd party support is a strawman argument. Wii won without much of it. Wii-U actually has more of it. Off the top of my head: it's gotten both CoD games since it launched, both AssCreed games since it launched, best version of Arkham City, best version of Deus Ex, Wonderful 101 (and upcoming Bayonetta 1&2). Plus a glut of indies. I'd say the WIi U actually has more "hardcore" 3rd party support than the Wii had.

But to the topic, the Wii-U and PS3 are not in the same situation. And for what it's worth, the PS3 didn't "turn around". It sold quite well from the start and continued to sell well, outselling the 360 (worldwide) most years last gen. PS3 was also the follow-up to the two highest-selling consoles of all time.

The Wii sold great, but Nintendo decided to abandon the motion market and go after the tablet (??) market. They also made their console too expensive ($350 at launch for the premium console, when it should've been $250 tops). Didn't work. Now they're paying the price.

iamnsuperman1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

The Wii won because of its price and unusal control scheme. If you see the sales of the Wii they take a huge nose dive after late 2009 which goes back to the reason of price and unusal control scheme. The Wii took off right at the time fitness/healthy lifestyle boom did. It was a perfect combination. When that passed so did the Wii. The Wii U also has non of that (also just because the Wii U has better support from third parties than the Wii means that is enough because that is far from the truth)

bigfish1646d ago

what Nintendo needs alongside Zelda is a series of Metroid Prime games akin to the Gamecube versions and made by Retro Studios..... I will buy a WiiU and have it alongside my PS4 if they can bring the Metroid series back on the WIIu

fatneal1646d ago

3rd party games arent the issue because nintendo has done just fine since n64 with limited 3rd party support

- poor marketing and advertising
- system seller games releasing 1 year+ in the consoles life cycle
- lack of a few minor industry standard gaming features like ex: in-game and cross-game chat, online multiplayer and joint accounts or 'cross buy'for the VC games thats are on wiiu and 3ds

i think wiiU is doing great considering the missteps and i do believe with the momentum from mario karts release with more AAA nintendo titles released down the line wiiU will continue to be in great shape.

silkylove1646d ago

I see you forgot to mention the Wii. Nintendo "turned it around" to the tune of 100 million consoles. And as far as this generation, Wii U has an almost 2 million lead over xbox one and that lead is increasing now. Xbox has finished last gen dead last. So who really needs to "turn it around?"

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masterfox1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

lol the PS3 never had that problem, hell even at 599 bucks the 60 GB were sold everywhere on release date, the problem that was the weren't many units outhere, until the following months like 3 or 4 the shipments start being normal for retailers.

The title of this article is complete lie, it only wants to put some fresh air on a console that is just slowly dying.

wonderfulmonkeyman1646d ago

E3 and the sales improvements thanks to Mario Kart say otherwise, because that's just the start.

masterfox1646d ago

besides Mario games, what else can I play ?, and I mean absolutely nothing to do with Mario.

360ICE1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Is it really the start, though? Mario Kart Wii was the second-best selling game on Wii with 32 million sold. Only beaten by a game that shipped with every console. It's an absolutely huge franchise, yet Wii U still struggles to keep pace with PS4.

wonderfulmonkeyman1646d ago

It recently became the second-fastest-selling game in the franchise, so yeah, I'd say it's a start.XD

360ICE1646d ago

That elegantly missed my point entirely. I'm sure Mario Kart will do well, as it always does, but MK8 is hardly just a "start". Last gen, it was Nintendo's number one game.

MK8 doesn't forebode anything. This is it. And if Nintendo can't beat Watch Dogs with MK. There's some chance they can't beat it with anything.

Not to be a downer, though. I kinda like the Wii U, and I really like Nintendo, so I hope they'll do well.

wonderfulmonkeyman1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

@ Ice

And you apparently missed mine;
MK8 out-sold watch dogs.
By sheer time-frame[two days compared to a week] and install base it was selling to, and taking into account its advertisement deficiencies and all of the stigmas against the system up until this point, Mario Kart 8 went up against a game that had four systems plus PC's to sell to, with a faster-selling group of systems and much more product-awareness on their side, and sold more in those two days, comparatively, than the multiplat could with 5 different sources to draw from in a whole week's worth of time.
That's a significant factor and a good sign that the system is going to be okay on down the road as long as Nintendo doesn't stop advertising well.

As to Mario Kart Wii, it was on a system that was appealing to an entirely different demographic.
One that, sadly, didn't pick up on the Wii U due to lack-luster advertisement and lots of brand confusion.[thinking it was just an accessory for the Wii]
MK8 is now selling to an entirely different and smaller group, and despite that, it's doing this well.
That's not something we should be downplaying or dismissing; it's something we should be celebrating.

360ICE1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

We can certainly agree that Nintendo's advertising has been abyssmal compared to Watch Dogs, but does it really speak to the Wii U's advantage that Mario Kart has little presence?

Of course not. If anything, you're backing my point, in how much less Nintendo games have become to the mainstream market (excluding 3DS).

Mario Kart 8 did not outsell Watch Dogs by any measure. Watch Dogs passed the 4 million mark in one week. Even if it is on more systems, it has sold 1.8 milliion on PS4 alone. Naturally, most of the sales in a game's first week on the market, is going to come in the first couple of days. Though it's difficult to get specific numbers from MK8, I think we can feel quite certain that 6 - 7 million Wii U owners did not buy 4 million Mario Kart games. Reggie Fils-Aime talked about an 18% attachment rate.

Sources for Watch Dogs sales:

If we're talking sales, this is the reality that we all inhibit. Software-wise, Wii U may be in for a turnaround. It already has a good collection of games, but sales wise, very little suggests that Wii U will be succesful compared to the competition and previous Nintendo consoles.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Let's see....
Deus Ex, DKTF, The Wonderful 101, Resident Evil Revelations, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3, Zombie U, a huge slew of back-catalog non-Mario games from previous generations on the VC, literally every single great game on the Wii thanks to native backwards-compatibility[this includes games such as The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Sin&Punishment Star Successor, No More Heroes 1 and 2, Red Steel, etc etc etc] and a very nice yet small collection of ports from third parties that were actually done right, if not also improved over their counterparts on other systems.[Rayman Legends, for example, as well as Deus Ex and, to a slightly lesser extent, Darksiders II, and recently Child of Light from Ubisoft, amongst others]

Seriously, if you can't see anything worth playing on the Wii U when you've got all of those options to look through from indies, second party, first party, and a few small AAA titles, then you either aren't honestly looking, or you're so anti-Nintendo that you aren't capable of giving credit where it's due.

Its library is fan-freaking-tastic for anyone that gives it a fair chance, even as just a secondary console.
There's a reason why E3 went so well for them; it's a system worth owning.

DaPrintz1646d ago

E3 went well if your a Nintendo fan checking out the Direct. Not much TV time. Also not many release dates for big games.

fatneal1646d ago

ps3 did have that wasnt until 08-09 that ps3 took off

Spotie1646d ago

Um, the PS3 was the most consistent console of last gen. It didn't have any lagging periods. It started off solidly and stayed that way.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

The PS3 and Wii U situation is completely different. The PS3 problem was just price. It was 600 dollars. It was so advanced for its time so the price was way up there. The Wii U is the cheapest current gen console so price isn't an excuse. Its the piss poor advertising by Nintendo. They need to advertise better. I seen Mario Kart 8 commercial like twice that's it. They need a stronger marketing campaign that's their problem. Because the console has a lot of great games out and a lot coming. Games isn't the problem.

Its picking up to the core gamers now because we see what Nintendo has to offer. Games like MK8, Smash Bros, Bayo 2, X, Zelda, Starfox, and a Metroid that Nintendo hinted at. A lot of great games coming to the Wii U.

This holiday I hope to finally have a Wii U next to my PS4 and Xbox One.

ZeroX98761646d ago

same for me, I'm waiting for more titles. I'm not going to buy multiplatform titles on the Wii U when the games looks crispier on other platforms, so I'm buying exclusives only.

My roomate got a Wii U and we finished 3d world, mario Wii U, Donkey Kong TF and mario kart at 100% all of them. didn't took us that long to finish it all. Mario kart got some awesome replay value online though. I'm waiting for a good mario/Zelda/Metroid singleplayer game to hit the platform to buy one.

BattleN1646d ago

100% you mean complete game without getting secrets right?

ZeroX98761646d ago

every gold coins, poles, kongs, puzzle pieces, kart trophys with 3 stars. name it.

InTheZoneAC1646d ago

ps3 didn't have a problem with 3rd party support...

people need to stop making it seem like the Wii U all of a sudden got it's game together...when it hasn't...

WickedLester1646d ago

In my opinion Nintendo's best bet is to drop the WiiU's price to 199.99 and sell it as a "companion" console to those who already own a PS4 or X1. People buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo exclusives. Unfortunately they take too long to come out and 3rd party support isn't robust enough to sustain the console in between those releases.

Another issue with the WiiU for me is that it's game library is way too platform heavy. Looking at what's out and what's coming out we have...

Super Mario U
Super Luigi U
Super Mario World 3D
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Rayman Legends
Sonic Lost World
Sonic Boom
Duck Tales Remastered
Yoshi's Wooly World
Mario Maker
Toad's Treasure Trackers

Concertoine1646d ago

It definitely is, i think the reason DKCTF didnt give a hardware boost is because anyone who wanted it already owned the system for one of the umpteen other platformers.

avidgamer11646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Wicked, the Wii U IS already $199. Nintendo's own online stores are selling refurbished systems for $199 that also comes with a 1 year warranty. I got mines recently and it feels brand new right out of the box.

WickedLester1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


I'm talking about at the retail level. It's great that Nintendo is selling refurbs at 199.99 online but consumers need to be able to walk into a Target or Gamestop and see that price tag on the shelves.

Also, does EVERY Nintendo-made game HAVE to involve their existing cast of characters? I mean, I enjoy Smash Bros and Mario Kart as much as the next person but would it kill Nintendo to try and create some new IP's that don't involve characters we're already familiar with? It's actually why I'm extremely excited to see more of Splatoon! I saw that and I thought "FINALLY a new IP from Nintendo that doesn't involve any previous characters!" I want to see much much more of that from them!

BattleN1646d ago

Oh it's getting there lil by lil!

InTheZoneAC1646d ago

@ wicked

it's because nintendo is scared to try something new that might not sell. Everything they put out must sell, they can't risk filling the hole their system is in...

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