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Slimgamer writes:
"Mario Maker is one of those concepts where you're surprised we haven't seen it sooner. At it's core, Mario Maker is essentially a level editor for Super Mario Bros. that allows users to create and edit their own Mario courses. It's a relatively simple concept, but it's success as a game really comes down to how well Nintendo can nail the details and make it a user-friendly experience."

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Moonman1524d ago

This game/creative tool will move systems, mark my words. My body is friggin ready! :)

3-4-51524d ago

2D Zelda 2 NES style art style please.

Nodoze1524d ago

Next they need a Zelda maker! Imagine running through user created dungeons. Yes please!!!

WeAreLegion1524d ago

Can't they just put it all in one game?

Reeze1524d ago

They said they aren't doing top-down for this game.

WeAreLegion1524d ago

Why not? Is it seriously that hard to build? Why can't they make level editors for several classic franchises and release them all at once? Or maybe even a full game where you can edit assets from many Nintendo games together, like a LittleBigPlanet for Nintendo? If you're going to do something, do it right.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1524d ago

I totally agree-
(I've said this before)
Ever since I was playing Zelda 1 and the Master Quest-

The should make a Zelda Maker...

And then provide the creator with lots of Stats to let them know how people did/and are doing on their creations.
-Not just comments but stats.

wonderfulmonkeyman1524d ago

I was relieved to hear that the build we saw at E3 was just the beginning of what the full game will offer.
They'll be adding more customization options and items as they go along developing it, and they've even said that they'd allow more visual styles than just the two you can switch between now.

Imagine being able to design a Mario course with Zelda items.
I think that would be pretty neat.

ZeroX98761524d ago

I'm hoping for Super Mario Bros 3(which is my favorite one) and Super Mario World assets to be in the game. also a multitude of power ups would be phenomenal!

Billybobjoey1524d ago

I know the SMB3 textures are in it, so I don't see why the powerups wouldn't be in.

Moonman1524d ago


You have seen the SMB3 textures already??? :)