Reggie Fils-Aime talks about E3, industry change, and what Nintendo is doing for a comeback

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Reggie Fils-Amie, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, about what Nintendo will do to dig out of its troubles.

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herbs1648d ago

Great interview with a great man

weekev151648d ago

What a genuinely fascinating interview. Well played gamesbeat for some excellent questions and fair play to Reggie for being open and honest. Gaming journalism at its best here.

ShowGun9011648d ago

...and very little marketing, PR bull. really, he just answered the questions.

bravo reggie

wonderfulmonkeyman1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I like that Reggie put his foot down on the topic of jumping to mobile games.
He's absolutely right; Mobile games just aren't the right future for Nintendo games right now.
There's too many smaller games that are far more pick-up-put-down-no-wait than Mario has ever been. They wouldn't make a profit on phones with games like Mario, which is meant to be played over longer stretches, compared to games that are played a couple of minutes here and there when someone's bored only to drop it suddenly and pick up where they left off later.

I hope they just refine how they do their console and handheld markets, use mobiles for marketing purposes, and use their upcoming QoL as a source of profit outside of their gaming consoles to help balance their books.
They'll do okay; they haven't survived over a hundred years through sheer luck.XD

iamnsuperman1648d ago

I think they would make a profit (quite a substantial profit) on an old mario/pokemon game on mobile. Firstly the port isn't going to be too expensive for such a title and also every sale is profit after the porting costs are accounted for (since its an old game).

No one is saying new mario games should appear on mobile stores. But old games like Pokemon Red or a pre 64 mario game

KonsoruMasuta1648d ago

They can do the same with virtual console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1648d ago

So could Sony or Microsoft, with their older games, then.
But they don't.
Know why?
Brand value.
It's not a smart business decision to put your first party games on phones, because then, as technology in phones increases and becomes able to handle more, it becomes a gateway for people to start thinking "Hey, why aren't the newer ones on the phones?! My phone is strong enough to handle that; I won't purchase the game unless it's on my phone!"
By not going there in the first place, it doesn't develop a precedent of expectation, and thus ensures continued sales for their hardware division.

Again, Mario and Pokemon do not belong on phones.
Not the old ones, not the new ones, not any of them.
No amount of short-term profit, that would be quickly buried by the rest of the shovelware on that market, can ever change that.

HollywoodLA1648d ago

How is Nintendo going to be #1 hardware manufacture again? Did they lay out a plan of action dealing with the actual gaming business and devs?

KonsoruMasuta1648d ago

"GamesBeat: I’ve seen quite a few games that have multiplayer only, is why I ask. In some ways that seems like a good way for smaller companies to cut budgets and save time. But it also seems like it’s a direction gamers are going in.

Reggie: I’d disagree on that last point. I think gamers want a full-featured experience. I think it’s actually a mistake to cut out modes. "

This is why I love Nintendo. They can teach something to companies like EA and Activision.

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