The Daily Five: Most Anticipated Games From E3 2014

"Some people see E3 as "Gamer Christmas"; an event where we get to unwrap all these wonderful and pretty presents to enjoy. We don't see it like that. To us, E3 is one of the cruelest events of the year. We're teased with a myriad of shiny new games only to be told "You guys will really love this game... NEXT YEAR!" All we can do is anticipate the day we will actually get to play these lovely experiences." - Travis Tucker, Stealthy Box

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sungin1641d ago

too bad the graphic going to be downgraded

rodiabloalmeida1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Not for Arkham knight. Maybe for Far Cry 4. I'm talking about PC versions here.

EDIT: "Confirmed - Batman: Arkham Knight's Demo During Sony's Conference Was Running On PC"

Exactly, surgin. For the other games, maybe downgrades only on PS4 and Xbone, surgin.

sungin1641d ago

Confirmed - Batman: Arkham Knight's Demo During Sony's Conference Was Running On PC....nice try

smt_Nocturne1641d ago

Arkham knight will get downgrade.
if you focus on last gameplay video you will see rendering issues

thorstein1641d ago

You forgot the sarcasm tag!

Kos-Mos1641d ago

Bloodbourne, Zelda and Xenoblade.

Gamer-401641d ago

Batman: Arkham Knight.
AC Unity.
The Witcher 3.
The Order 1886.

Tetsujin1641d ago

Another article that has separate pages.....

Takes less effort to either have a slideshow, or at least 2+ per page "Ain't nobody got time for that."