Do Graphics Matter?

CCG discusses whether graphics really matter in games or not.

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Godmars2901643d ago

They shouldn't at this point, in fact not everything should be striving to look "realistic", but that is what all the major publishers are indeed striving for. And failing for the most part.

So when they don't, because they can't, everyone goes nuts for no real reason.

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ABizzel11643d ago

Yes and No. Great Graphics and a Great Art-style are another way to differentiate your game form the rest of the pack.

If you look at the Uncharted trailer, and they manage to hit that in game, then there's nothing competing with Uncharted 4 on console, and even most high end PC's.

At the same time you can look at the Zelda for Wii U trailer, and even though the Wii U is much weaker hardware, it's still a great looking game that most people wouldn't think twice about what hardware it's running on.

The first thing you see when you see a new game is how it looks, just like you're physically attracted to certain people. The most important thing is to make sure the actual gameplay is good, plays well, is fun, and enjoyable to you.

Great graphics don't make a great game. Great gameplay does. Great graphics are just the cherry on top of a great game.

AngelicIceDiamond1643d ago

I'm tired of the constant talk on graphics.

Yeah they matter. Just like having tight controls, solid fps and gameplay matter. I understand in certain games there's one emphasis on one thing then the other but at the end its all about balance.

Imalwaysright1643d ago

Of all the things you mentioned graphics are by far the less important. Graphics will never make or break a game but dips in framerate, bad controls and most importantly crap gameplay will.

AngelicIceDiamond1643d ago

@Always Art style and graphics always matter of course. But tight controls and gameplay is what keeps ppl coming back.

Its one of the main aspects of conversation is gameplay.

A gamer can only talk about the graphic's for so long if the gameplay aren't great enough.

They'll say "The graphics are top notch but gameplay is weak or uninspiring"

At that point its only a matter of time until he moves on to something else.

DragonKnight1643d ago

"So when they don't, because they can't, everyone goes nuts for no real reason."

You have the PC community to thank for that. For example, I watched Total Biscuit's thoughts on Sony's E3 conference today, and so much of it was dedicated to whining about framerate.

Or look at The Order 1886. The devs want to go for a cinematic feel to the game, but most of the complaints about that come from armchair developers belonging to the PC community who seem to think that there is either no such thing as a "cinematic" resolution/framerate combo, or that you can get that cinematic feel at higher resolutions/framerate and there's no excuse not to.

Or the constant emphasis on graphical enhancement mods. Hell, a site called dsogaming posts nothing but Skyrim graphics mod stories on N4G.

Not saying that console gamers don't share any blame, but console gamers had no problem with 30 FPS before PC gamers started harping on and on about it. Console gamers didn't care about polygon counts, what kind of anti-aliasing is being used and at what count, etc... etc.. etc...

Developers have been told, by the loudest members of a community that are known for entitlement and whining, that graphics are what is the most important aspect of a game. Total Biscuit himself will not buy most games if they aren't higher than 30FPS. He only makes exceptions for games like Bloodborne and only because, as a spiritual successor to the Souls series, his opinion is that the gameplay is robust enough that playing at 30FPS doesn't hamper the experience, but he'd still prefer playing at 60FPS.

Graphics only matter to a point. Beyond that point is just putting them over substance. We've seen what the obsession with visuals has done to movies, games are next on the list.

Imalwaysright1643d ago

Please... console gamers for years, were constantly telling pc gamers that none of those things mattered to them . It matters to them now because it gives them a sense of superiority towards people that choose to play on other consoles. They are nothing but hypocrites and I don't see how or why PC gamers are to blame for it.

"Graphics only matter to a point. Beyond that point is just putting them over substance"

this I agree with.

Godmars2901643d ago

TB is a PC fanboy who is only going to complain/dismiss consoles.

In fact I don't think he's ever touched or mentioned Nintendo. Unless it was about the dumb things they've done on Youtube, which he then uses as excuse not to cover Nintendo games. If he's ever.

DragonKnight1643d ago

Imalwaysright: You realize that you just proved my point right? If console gamers were telling PC gamers that that stuff didn't matter to them, that means PC gamers were bringing it up and saying it mattered, which is what I said. PC gamers compare apples to oranges all the time, console gamers can only compare apples to apples because all consoles are designed very similarly.

Godmars290: I agree, he is a HUGE PC fanboy, but some of what he says is mirrored by people who mainly game on PC but also game on consoles. This attitude of "I won't buy a game that isn't over 30FPS" is stupid entitlement and unproductive and is part of the many reasons developers, like Rockstar for example, don't care for developing for the PC. There are legitimate complaints to make about games, such as when Bethesda releases any game and its filled with billions of bugs, and then there's stupid reasons to complain and not buy a game, such as the framerate isn't over 30FPS.

VforVideogames1643d ago

This is for everybody that post on this article: please post only if you care or not about graphics , don't say stupid stuff like 'yes and no' or 'maybe or may not' , makes no sense saying stupid stuff like that.

TheSaint1643d ago

They do matter but they are far from the most important thing.

DevilOgreFish1643d ago

"Do Graphics Matter?"

Sure, and that's why i got a PC, end of story. exclusives are why you get a console. if you want the latest and greatest graphics don't look to something that ages.

Wizard_King1643d ago

It's very simple it comprehend isn't it.

nosferatuzodd1643d ago

this is such a bait article

steven83r1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

They should matter. Would you enjoy and really get into playing an 8bit racing game or a game that looks like project cars? Depends on the game. But better graphics help immerse the player in the story and feel for the characters.


In The Last of Us where his daughter dies in the beginning, that scene moved a lot of people. Had they been graphically challenged, it would almost definitely have had no impact emotionally.

Godmars2901642d ago

The point is that if a game comes in at 720P, it shouldn't be majorly chastised for not being 1080P. That devs and publishers shouldn't hold to such absolutes especially if it sacrifices gameplay. Yet they have to the point where the industry is pretty much stagnating.

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miyamoto1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

They say video games is an escape from reality to another place and another time albeit virtual ones. But in order to create a believable place you have to create a the atmosphere of it. In rock music artists use sound to create it. In video games artists use both sound and graphics like they do in movies. As gamers gets more mature the demand for believable atmosphere is more important than ever. Wether its to convey grandeur, fear, horror, suspense, mystery, fun, excitement, speed, and specially story the role of graphics is very very important in video games.

During the 8 bit & 16 bit era game developers try their very best to replicate reality in their game design using a handful of pixels & colours. They strove so hard to make their graphics believable in that obligatiry forest stage, or lava stage or icy snowy level design ; from Pac Man to Uncharted 2 and now Uncharted 4.

Shouldn't we be proud that gaming has came a long long way and be very appreciative of progress?

Why are we downplaying the importance of video game graphics for fanboyism's sake?

John Madden once said that the top brass of NFL came up to him one day after seeing his Madden football game on PS3 and said " We want those kind of graphics in our broadcasts."

This is how important video game graphics has become.

DragonKnight1643d ago

You don't need to make a photorealistic experience to have an effective medium of escapism. Books have been able to accomplish it by provoking your imagination to create realities in your own mind, so games don't have to mimic reality at all to be believable. All things in this arena are subjective. If the only way a person can believe a game is by that game mimicking life as closely as possible, then that person has the wrong hobby.

Escapism is about placing you in unfamiliar territory, not understandable territory.

Graphics are not important. You can't play graphics. People who focus so much on graphics are the kind of people who are divas. Specifically fashion divas. They are also the type of person that judges anything first and foremost by appearance and/or image, and that's NEVER a good way to judge anything.

Graphics are the most shallow aspect of games, and trying to make them important will in turn make games shallow because all effort will be placed in making the games look good more than actually being good. There are a crap ton more memorable old school games with non-realistic graphics than there are new games with photorealism as a priority.

miyamoto1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Are you serious???

You sound like Mr. Saturo " Shaders Don't Matter" Iwata.

How can you show a game and its game play without graphics?
So you are the type of gamer who plays on a black screen...was it fun?

No graphics to show gameplay there is no game to play, genius.

And who said photo realism is the be all and end all of graphics?

"People who focus so much on graphics are the kind of people who are divas. Specifically fashion divas. They are also the type of person that judges anything first and foremost by appearance and/or image, and that's NEVER a good way to judge anything. "

LOL! Tell that to Hiroshi Yamauchi of Nintendo in his grave. He never played a single NES, SNES, N64 or Gamecube game during his term as CEO & President yet he was able to approve a crap load of million seller hits just by looking at the graphics.

"Yamauchi believed that technicians did not create excellent games, but artists did."

Yeah these NES games are the "crap ton more memorable old school games with non-realistic graphics than there are new games with photorealism as a priority."

Of course they are non realistic given the technology available back then. But game developers wanted more than a few colors & pixels.

I am glad many game developers don't think like you because if they do video games would have never progressed to the strong & successful industry it is today.

DragonKnight1643d ago

Your hyperbolic, exaggerated post is hilarious. Saying that artists make excellent games proves that Yamauchi valued art style, not graphics. None of the NES or SNES games could be considered graphical powerhouses, especially when compared with the competitors they had at the time. What was always unique about Nintendo's games were their style. That you continue to try and emphasize that graphics are the most important aspect just makes you a shallow person unable to appreciate anything more than a pretty game.

steven83r1642d ago

You can't compare a book to video games. You are the artist, GPU for the books. Do you turn off your tv while playing games and imagine what you are doing? Do you watch TV and close your eyes and imagine cartoon 8bit actors? Graphics matter and as for NES and SNES if they could of achieved graphics of today they would of. They had no choice. They were great games but graphics have a huge impact on story. The more real the characters look, the more we connect with them. If the entire industry felt graphics didn't matter they would never have wasted R&D and tons of money advancing consoles and games. PC should go back to 1980s GPU and processors for gaming as well right? No need to have a badass rig if all you want is top down C&C graphics or NES.

memots1643d ago

Final Fantasy 2 on NES still remains to me one of the best rpg ever and why was it ? certainly not graphic but gameplay and story.

Literally i treated it as if i was reading a book and made images in my head. You dont need graphic to looks great or realistic it does not matter more than a great story and gameplay.

ElementX1643d ago

Yet another article talking about whether or not graphics matter.... talk about beating a dead horse

MRMagoo1231643d ago

Of course they dont matter, thats why everyone is still playing atari at home and why no one bothers buying the new console on release day and why no one buys remakes of games when they come out.

Fireseed1643d ago

Graphical leaps matter... but when the difference between them is so indiscernible it doesn't matter.

DragonKnight1643d ago

If games were still being made for Atari, people would play them. Your argument is weak.

Flutterby1643d ago

Yeh you sure put up a good argument there your self derp.

OT graphics matter as much as anything else matters people in general want the full package, otherwise why upgrade graphics at all. If graphics didn't matter we wouldn't have 100 pc elitists crying every time a dev says a console game looks as good or better, don't believe ? Go check the planet side 2 article about the ps4 version looking better.

DragonKnight1643d ago

My argument is fact. A gamer plays games, not graphics.

uth111643d ago

There are games being made for the Atari 2600, it has a very active homebrew scene. They've done some amazing things with it.

But No, nobody who owned a 2600 ever thought the graphics were good. That's why Intellivision and Colecovision really pushed how much better their visuals were.

steven83r1642d ago

If graphics don't matter to you then don't spend the hundreds on a new console. Go out and buy NES, SNES, Genesis, Jaguar and the other consoles as there are 100's of games you have not played on those and fall into the graphics category you are looking for. Or buy a PS4 and only play indie low budget games.

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FullmetalAlchemist1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Well if the new 2014 Godzilla movie looked like the 1950s original Godzilla, or if they kept releasing say GTA sequels with GTA san andreas graphics people would be complaining and wanting an upgrade. Also with "better graphics" and high polygon counts developers are able to portray more visual emotion and depth into their characters, if The Last of Us looked like minecraft it would have never captured the proper feel and atmosphere that made the game so great. So yes graphics do matter....Art Style on the other hand is completely different.
I mean which would you rather play?

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