Hands-on Impressions of Destiny from E3 2014 | Entertainment Buddha

EB's Matt Heywood writes, "Before starting one of the various missions you and your fire team must head to the Tower, which is the main gaming hub in Destiny. The Tower is full of life and other players hanging out in-between matches, and there are also NPCs to be found who either work shops, or are your character’s mentors, who are high-level masters of your character’s particular class."

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febzilla1644d ago

Got an access code for Alpha. Really liking the game so far.

Shadonic1644d ago

What class did you choose ?

TenBensons1643d ago

Hunter. Gunna try the other two classes as well. So far so awesome.

Jughead34161643d ago

Hunter is my favorite look. It also fits my play style too. The Alpha is so cool. I wonder how different the main game will be.

Dipped331643d ago

Sorry but destiny is not all that I know it's only alpha but truth be told game is like any other game all this hype just to end up with a ghost n halo 3 feel to the game .