Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Footage From E3 2014

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some video of gameplay from the upcoming Sunset Overdrive.

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PurpatraitorMGS1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

this game looks like it will craft childhoods.

Similar to what Spyro did for me.

Picnic1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

That's a strong comment.

Possibly a fair one considering how vibrantly it melds things yet I wonder how many people getting so excited for this ever bought Jet Set Radio Future? (which was certainly significantly different enough from the Dreamcast Jet Set Radio to be worth a buy). Anyone who never bought that game is kind of responsible for why we've had to wait over a decade for a game that's in some way like it.

I think that reviews will be a little mixed when it comes out. I think that it will be seen as more or less resolutely old school (down to the early 90s-style sound effects). All the bouncing around arguably looks a little too free. So free that I think it's going to come down to how attached people are to Insomniac's reputation for creating crazy guns and how much excitement people get from trying different guns over and over again.

In comparison to the huge Neo-Tokyo verticality of Jet Set Radio Future , what I've seen of Sunset Overdrive suggests far more low scale Los Angeles style buildings. Which is going to give the player perhaps more 'arbritary' freedom and twitchy gameplay than a single player platform game fan might actually like. I mean I am actually worried that none of this rail grinding happens INSIDE buildings. There appears to be no explorable buildings - even Jet Set radio future had those. It gives Sunset Overdrive the appearance so far of being about surface style rather than any puzzle-like deliberation having any bearing at all.

But I like the visual style, I certainly liked the trailers, I like the pop culture look of it so I hope that it all works out well.

PurpatraitorMGS1646d ago

When i see this game in action, all i see is fun. Kids dont care about Pixel count or story. Its all a

Garethvk1647d ago

I am so mixed on this. On one hand I say poor mans Infamous in terms of the mechanics and such. On the other hand I say dated graphics and gameplay. That being said, I do think it is one of the better things that the Xbox has alhtough not enough to warrant getting a system for.

StealthPandemic1647d ago

This has no relations to infamous other than being open world!

No_Limit1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

"On the other hand I say dated graphics and gameplay"

LOL, it was shot with a camera phone on 240p youtube video. Edit: Wait a minute, I just noticed that you are the one that submitted this article. I love how you find the lowest quality video possible to post and then comment on its graphics. coincident, NOT!

" I say poor mans Infamous in terms of the mechanics and such."

Poor example, inFamous doesn't have the replay value like 8 players co-op and online. Traded my copy after beating it twice in 10 days.

"I do think it is one of the better things that the Xbox has alhtough not enough to warrant getting a system for."

If you buy a system for a single game, you are doing it wrong. There are tons of games available on XB1 to make a system. Sunset Overdrive just happens to be one of them.

gamer11381647d ago

Mixed, you just gave two negative options! Also, poor mans infamous? 1. This is nothing like infamous. 2. The mechanics look way more fun than infamous! Being able to wall run, grind and jump everywhere looks liberating! I think some people are just turned off by the pop/anti culture it's going for. Is it trying too hard or is it just taking the piss? Don't care, looks funs.

Ryan7411647d ago

Let's just hope it gets rated higher than Second Son, all things considered that game was very disappointing.

Software_Lover1647d ago

By most critics Infamous looked good but wasn't fun. I think I'll take a stylized game that is fun to play.

Garethvk1647d ago

It was shot with a Flip Cam not a camera phone. Those graphics are far from cutting edge or next gen. They need to push the multiplay aspect for all its worth as thats the best part of the game.

u got owned1647d ago


such a fanboy statement :/

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dale_denton1647d ago

yeah i'm not sold.. looks really repetitive and does it even have a story to it? looks like i'll be bored just like titanfail.

incendy351647d ago

Damn this looks awesome! Wish it was out already

Themba761647d ago

the only game i give xbox one credit for it does look like alot of fun and refreshing at the same time sorry not a halo fan played all of them and grew tired of the franchise.

christocolus1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

This ,halo mcc, fh2, dance central and ori are all mine for the hollidays

Sm00thNinja1647d ago

Only people with low self esteem can't appreciate a good dancing kinect game. Just Dance 2015 will be mine!

LogicStomper1647d ago

That's pretty low to laugh at other's personal preference/opinions.

christocolus1647d ago

Dance central ? Lmao? What's funny? I dont get the joke.smooth ninja might be right. Low self esteem bro.low self esteem.

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