E3 2014: Street Fighter 5 Won't Be Pay-To-Win, Yoshinori Ono Says

Capcom producer says reports today were false, game is in "early planning stages."

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Vandamme211649d ago

Can't wait...I love ultra street fighter 4. I hope sf5 has a lot of new original characters.

Mr Marvel1649d ago

Still waiting for Ultra. For some stupid reason Australia doesn't have it yet. Sounds like we're only getting the retail version (not the digital upgrade).

XtraTrstrL1649d ago

Eh, still muddied up the whole SF5 announcement with that crap. Damn Crapcom COOs, didn't even realize what was wrong with what he was saying. Cuz he's such a money grubbing shifty business minded non-gamer. Ono is just trying to repair things, sounds like they were gonna do something like 'gems' in SF x Tekken. They're such morons.

XtraTrstrL1649d ago

"Tsujimoto has said to media representatives in a group interview at E3 that Capcom not only is SFV in development, but that it will fully utilize features from online gaming, and even include a “pay-for-advantage” system that new players can use, so they won’t always be decimated by Street Fighter vets in online matches."

Baka-akaB1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

More like some sites couldnt wait to write an article about SF5 ... when it's vapoware at this stage and jumped the gun . So they , badly at that , translate some vague comments from an exec .

The guy is all about money , of course he's gonna expose his wishes to explore ways to make money . But there is no concrete plan , hell it's likely the SF team and Ono didnt even got allocated yet a budget for it . For once Capcom did nothing , yet , deserving scorn

Akuma2K1649d ago

If its gonna be another 4yrs before we even see SF5, capcom should port USF4 to PS4 to tide us PS4 gamers over for awhile.

ColeMacGrath1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Nah, a newer Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 Ultimate Alpha Max Hyper Turbo Extreme EX+ √xy^2 Edition with 1 new character and 3 new stages would suffice better

Malphite1649d ago

Keep telling that joke. It never gets old. /s

ColeMacGrath1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


That Dead Rising 3 DLC title definitely wasn't a joke even though everyone kept going like "No you guys Capcom would never make such a name like that you guys.." Then it happened.
Wouldn't surprise me if they did it again with SF5.

XtraTrstrL1648d ago

And the one new character would be a nearly direct port from SF x Tekken and so would all the stages.

Heavenly King1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

SF5 needs to have the artstyle of SF3.

vivid831649d ago

yea or street fighter alpha I don't like the bulkiness of the characters in street fighter 4

weirdo1649d ago

stop all the hate. street fighter iv is a classic, i hope it gets remastered for ps4 until the fifth one lands. metsuuuuuuuuu

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