Sony: "The UK Will Be One Of The First European Territories To Get PlayStation Now"

In an interview with Digital Spy SCEE’s UK managing director Fergal Gara has said that gamers in the United Kingdom will be amongst the first to get their hands on PlayStation Now, the game streaming service.

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jay21649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Good. Al through I won't be playing it on my net connection, get a launch day PS3 anyway. Edit: We've got one of the best in Europe......I've only been waiting four years for my green cabinet to go live for fiber......Half my road got it 4 years ago, I'm at the end of the exchange.

Madderz1648d ago

Don't even get me started!

I moved house and asked Virgin if i could take my services, which they said yes to. Only to find out once i had moved in and was told i couldn't go with them.

So i shop round and talktalk say they can give me speeds of 80mbs fibre. Great get it installed and it runs at like 10mbs.

Turns out its not true fibre. Its fibre to the cabinet then copper the rest of the way. That turned out to be 1.2km of copper!!

If i had known i literally wouldn't have moved there.

My phones internet is literally faster LOL

OT i am really looking forward to trying this but i don't hold out high hopes for my net connection.

They recommend 5mbs down but i imagine in real world it will need more.

Mikelarry1648d ago

talk talk *shudders* THEY ARE THE WORST SERVICE PROVDER for the sake of your sanity leave them as soon as you can as everything with talk talk is poor.

Madderz1648d ago


I will be leaving them asap.

They have kindly informed me that because my services are now live (a matter of a couple days) i will be charged the early disconnection fee.

Apparently there is no cooling of period!

They are the most useless, unhelpful rude tw*ts i have ever dealt with. It has made me realise just how good Virgin were.

I only went with them for there supposed "fast fibre" and took a hit on there rubbish TV channels.

If i'm gonna have slow internet i'd rather go with Sky and have slow internet and decent TV.

Avoid talktalk like the frikkin plague guys!

You sound like you speak from experience?

ocelot071648d ago

Check out EE. Have a look on there website shows you if they have Fiber in your area and expected speeds you should get. Am on Virgin my self by a friend of mine is on EE.

IRetrouk1648d ago

@ madderz, legally there has to be at least a 14 day cooling off period, this is the law, dont let them fool you into parting with your money, if you have already paid then seek legal advice.

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ramiuk11648d ago

152mb i have,but i usually get over 160-170

Salooh1648d ago

Every month i go to them they tell me they will do it in our territory in a specific date , when that date come they schedule another one after few months. Now they told me to wait until the end of the year to get it which is annoying as hell and still not sure the will do it for sure or not . I'm living in glasgow , thought it would be much better then other places but it turns out it's worst then my previous apartment xP .

stavrami-mk21648d ago

LOL they put my cabinet in a year ago and I was hoping it would be soon. Obviously not probably got another 3 years like u

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Baka-akaB1648d ago

Not surprised , i expect France to have it way after ... it's just a mess of many highs , but also many lows , there for the net .

Az1mov1648d ago

Would it include Ireland then? I hope so :)

christian hour1648d ago

Haha normally when Ireland is thrown in to the mix when big companys refer to the "UK" it annoys me because it shows ignorance to the political climate and history of it all, but this is one of those times were I PRAY (to the flying spaghetti monster of course) that when they say the UK they also mean Republic of Ireland :P

ramiuk11648d ago

haha well if it does include Ireland i hope yuo stop you ways in future and embrace.
you can have it one way or the other :)

M83_1648d ago

I hope they mean that too, and considering they can't bring it to Northern Ireland and exclude the Republic for no good reason, I'm betting we'll all be grouped in together.

It is a bit annoying to be grouped as "UK", when it doesn't take much to say UK and Ireland.

Vitalogy1648d ago

It's a shame as Portugal has a great fiber optic infrastructure and 3 ISP's all providing good pricing plans one of them being Vodafone who's investing really big bucks in Portugal and its already paying of as they have quite a lot of Portuguese market share now.

The lowest connection those 3 Portuguese ISP's have is 50Mb/5Mb which is for now the most common but I think enough for PS Now, but lots of homes (including mine) have 100Mb/10Mb leaving the higher speeds usually subscribed by business people.

One can only hope that the delay is short when getting the service available to all EU countries.

elazz1648d ago

Minimum of 5Mbps and 12Mbps is recommended for highest quality. I think Portugal is settled if servers are closeby with low latency.

DarkLord10031648d ago

And as many other services in the PSN store it will never come to Austria. We don't even have music unlimited.. It sucks..

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