GamesBeat: Fantasia: Music Evolved would be great — if it worked (impressions)

Harmonix’s new music game is fun, but the Kinect fails it.

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crazytown991643d ago

Kinda surprising since they've already worked with the Kinect. Huh.

jnemesh1643d ago

What? A Kinect game that is hard to control and doesn't play like it should? You are kidding me! What a total and complete shock! /s

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Slick811643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Yup no wonder they didn't show anything with this game at e3,like kinect sports it's basically. A Broken game

Eonjay1643d ago

I really think Microsoft messed up with Kinnect. It seems to have potential, but developers are still struggling. Maybe they need more help from Microsoft. Then again, Microsoft hasn't really nailed it down themselves.

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